Nebraska Conservatives: “We Prefer To Have Our Daughters Actually Raped Than Raped By Sex Education”

The fight over a revamped sex education curriculum in Omaha continued Monday, with parents crowding into a public meeting to either support or denounce it, KETV reports. The new curriculum proposed by Omaha Public Schools officials includes information about LGBT people, STDs, HIV and AIDS, as well as lessons on abstinence versus contraception, the station reports. But outside groups like Save Nebraska Children, which oppose the changes, have gotten involved. Save Nebraska Children has paid for advertising on the issue. “Yes we need to give children an education,” one woman said. “But the curriculum you have, the standards you have, gives children too much information. It rapes children of their innocence.”

Another one added that “not only are these information hurtful and malicious, but they also aim to corrupt the very essence of being young and careless.” “They are going to have plenty of problems when they grow up, I am sad to say that many of them might very well end up having an STD, but that doesn’t mean that we need to start smothering them with potential problems right now,” she said. “They’ll have plenty of time to get informed on the world that surrounds them as they get older. We should simply let them be children, since this is one of the most careless periods of their lives.”

A third mother then interjected, raving, “You know, I’m tired of all this political correctness. Why don’t we just call it like it is? They are trying to steal our children from us and they’re doing that in a very insidious way, but targeting them at the one place they know our children are away from their families, and that’s at school. Well, let me tell you one thing – I have a daughter, and I am telling you right now, I would rather let her get raped for real than allow her to be raped, as another mom just said, by this idiotic sex education. That’s how brilliant I think your plan to teach young kids about STDs when they haven’t even reached puberty yet is.”

“And you know something else?” she continued. “I didn’t have no sex education in school when I was growing up and I turned out just fine. Sure, I have 4 kids from 3 marriages and a history of chlamydia and gonorrhea, but I’m just fine now. I learned from my own mistakes and I have no regrets. So you can take your ‘new and improved curriculum’ and save it for kids adopted by gay couples and Democrats. They’re going to be needing that information a lot more than normal kids.”