7 Reasons Your Home is Attracting Bugs and Rodents

You probably know pests such as termites or ants can destroy the foundation of your home. Additionally, rodents can chew holes through your walls and your electric wiring. But what attracts rodents and pests to your home?

Today we’re giving you the top seven reasons your home is attracting unwanted creepy crawly visitors. If you have a bug problem, opt for services from pest control Melbourne locals trust. Then try and avoid having these situations mentioned below on your premises again, so the bugs and other pests will stay away for good.

1. Leaking Pipes around Basins and Toilets

Bugs, rodents and even snakes are constantly looking for a water source. So if you have leaking pipes around basins and toilets it can attract creepy crawlies you don’t want to deal with.

If the water leaks are consistent, bugs and rodents will pick your house to stay in. This is because there will be a constant flow of water they can drink from. Therefore, it’s important to fix your leaking pipes so that you don’t attract ants, spiders or rats.

Inspect your home regularly for leaking pipes, especially the ones inside your walls. This can be done with devices like a thermal camera. You don’t want termites to get inside your walls because they can create damage you won’t notice until it’s too late. If you have a suspicion that you have an infestation due to leaking pipes then you’ll need Melbourne pest control services to assist you.

2. Unsanitary Dustbins

Dustbins are used to throw away food packaging and other types of unwanted junk. However, the unpleasant odour and the rotten food inside the bin can attract flies and ants. You must remove dustbin bags immediately when they get full and wash the bin regularly.

You must wash the sides of your dustbin too because food can spill on the outside of the bin, which can attract pests. Your outside dustbin and recycling containers should be cleaned regularly too to avoid attracting rats or possums.

3. Overgrown Garden Beds and Lawns

Overgrown flower beds and tall grass give coverage to bugs and rodents. If you don’t maintain your garden, it can attract pests that will eventually enter your home. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed and don’t plant flowers near windows or doorways.

There are pesticides you can use to rid your garden of bugs but it’s always a safer solution to opt for professional pest control. A pest control service provider will safely eliminate bugs and rodents from your property without contaminating other areas of your home such as your garden.

4. Not Maintaining Your Kitchen Correctly

Open jars of sugar, rice and flour can attract beetles and ants. Not washing your dishes regularly can also attract flies. Keep your countertops clean and dry to prevent a cockroach infestation. Store foods such as cereals and pasta in airtight containers to prevent weevils from getting into them.

5. Buckets of DIY Compost

Do you make your own compost from potato peels and offcuts from vegetables? While compost is an excellent source of nutrition for your garden it can attract annoying pests such as gnats. Ants and termites also love compost piles.

Create an enclosed compost system so you don’t attract bugs and rodents to your home. Furthermore, it’s important to have compost systems at least 15 metres away from your house. This is so pests don’t find other sources of food and water in your home they’re attracted to.

You should also balance food scraps with garden waste to prevent the compost from emitting foul odours. Don’t compost meat or dairy products because this can attract flies that will lay eggs in the compost.

6. Openings in Your Foundation

Although bugs can enter through windows or underneath doors you can prevent them from coming through by adding a pesticide to these areas. However, bugs and rodents can still find other openings in your home such as cracks or through roof damage. Inspect your home for any openings where bugs and rodents can come through so you can fix them. The only openings to your home should be through windows and doors that you can monitor.

7. Pet Food

Ants, cockroaches and flies love pet food. So don’t leave bowls of pet food around your home. Only set the bowls down when it’s time to feed your pets and then clean them thoroughly when they’re finished eating. Water bowls may be a problem, so opt for pet water fountains instead.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many ways you can prevent pests and rodents from entering your home, sometimes there are unforeseen factors that cause an infestation. If you’re having problems getting rid of bugs and rodents, you can always call pest control Melbourne locals use regularly. Read reviews to find the best ones.

How do you prevent bugs and rats from entering your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below. You may help other readers with tips that weren’t covered in today’s article.