Rep. Black: “The Government Imports Mexican Rapists To Impregnate White Women To Sell Embryo Parts”

Rep. Dianne Black, R-Tenn., spoke recently at the Family Research Council about her work on the House’s “Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.” In her opening remarks, Black acknowledged that she saw the panel as an extension of her efforts to “go after” Planned Parenthood that began even before the Center for Medical Progress released its videos that claimed, falsely, that the women’s health organization illegally profits from the small amount of fetal tissue it donates to medical research.

“I think it’s about time we start calling things by their real name,” Black argued. “The entire abortion industry in the United States – and that’s what it is, an industry – is no different than any other industry in the country. What that means is that from every single abortion that takes place, or rather, every legal murder that occurs in a clinic somewhere in the country, money pours into the pockets of people who profit from these sorts of crimes. That has to stop.”

She continued, “I’m sad and horrified to admit that there are people among us who are willing to take money from desperate mothers and rid them of their unborn babies. But, the crime doesn’t stop there. It changes shape and transforms into selling baby parts to third parties, and I can only imagine what those parts go on to be used for. For a country that claims to be the greatest and most civilized country on the planet, I’d say that’s pretty primitive and shameful. I’m on the verge of feeling ashamed to be an American, as well as a woman.”

But the House GOP-er didn’t stop there. She went on to claim that “after the global economic crisis in 2008,” the United States government realized that “an untapped market lies within smuggling embryo parts,” and that that is the true reason why a number of birth control manufacturers in the country, “including several condom makers,” all received significant subsidies from the federal budget. “Basically, the government wants more and more accidents during love making throughout the country, which has resulted in a significant increase of accidental pregnancies,” Black claimed.

“And as if that wasn’t enough,” she claimed, “now they’ve even started importing Mexican rapists to further bump up unwanted pregnancy rates. Don’t be fooled – all those cases of rapes you’ve seen on the news in the past months and years, that were committed by Mexican nationals, were orchestrated, planned, and funded by the United States government. I mean, get real – after 9/11, not even a mosquito could have crossed the border anywhere, let alone felons with the rap sheet the length of the Rio Grande. How do you suppose all those rapists found there way into the country? They didn’t – they couldn’t – because they were imported with the sole purpose of impregnating white women.”

“Which brings us back to square one: unwanted pregnancies, caused by either accidents or rapes, lead to more and more abortions, which leads to more and more embryo parts for sale, which ultimately results in a lucrative business. In the eyes of our government, embryo parts are the new oil fields; they just need to be tapped into. How do you suppose Obama was able to bailout General Motors? Where’d he come up with the money? Exactly, now you know. And we’re powerless to stop any of it,” Black demoralized everyone with her gloomy speech.

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