Rep. Diane Black: “No Need To Read The Healthcare Bill Before Voting, Only To Trust Trump Since He Won Majority Vote”

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) didn’t seem to know that the latest round of legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare was a new piece of legislation. During a conversation with Jake Tapper, the CNN host was forced to explain to Black that there haven’t been any hearings on the Obamacare 3.0 bill and that the CBO hasn’t had time to score the legislation. Republicans previously complained that Obamacare was passed too quickly and that no one had the opportunity to read it. Obamacare actually spent a year working through Congress, including numerous committees, two full House votes, one Senate supermajority vote and multiple hearings. The Obamacare 3.0 vote that is supposed to take place prior to President Donald Trump’s “First 100 Days” mark will have had none of these things other than a House majority vote, if it even makes it that far.

“I’m sorry Jake, but I just have to ask – why is there this constant, incessant need to question everything Donald Trump-related hundreds of times over and over again?” Black asked Tapper. “I mean, the man decided to run for president, created a mind-blowing campaign, beat every single one of his political opponents and ended up winning the majority of the votes of Americans. I know we’re living in the land of equal possibilities for everyone, but isn’t Donald Trump’s path to the presidency living proof of the trust he has earned throughout his campaign? Coincidentally, I do believe his actions during the presidential campaign also far outweigh any past transgressions or misdeeds. The man has proved to everyone that he has what it takes to lead this country, and most of all, that if you put your faith in him, he will cherish it and do wonderful things with it for the greater good.”

“Similarly,” Black continued, “even though you’re absolutely right and your objections are spot on, I still don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting Obamacare 3.0 on the fast track. Why waste time reading it over and over, then debating over what someone irrelevant thinks is wrong with it, then changing the small print, and then ultimately re-reading it once again? It’s such a time-consuming and tiring process. I would argue that Donald Trump has earned our trust to the point where we’re able to just give the man a bit more trust and have faith he’ll do the right thing just as he has up to this point. I’m sure we’ve matured that much, or rather, I hope those who matter are, at least.”

“If it were solely up to me, not only would that be a killer job to have, but I would have no problem whatsoever simply signing into effect any and every piece of paper, cardboard or parchment that man sends my way. Seriously, I think he’s doing a wonderful job; so much so, in fact, that there really is no need to read the darn thing at all. As a matter of fact, I’d like to start a petition to shorten the time it takes for legislation to go through the red tape before it goes out into the world to do good. And if there’s anyone out there who’s good with cutting away excess fat, so to speak, it’s Donald Trump. We ought to make any and all documents, orders and legislation he comes up with instantly applicable to real-life problems. I think such an approach really has the potential of transforming the way things get done in this country. And that includes cancelling tax returns, since, you know, they’re such a nuisance,” she concluded.