Rep. Grimm Murders Reporter after SOTU Address

WASHINGTON – Most Republican lawmakers had an unfavorable reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, but one in particular is wishing that he had skipped the event. Representative Michael Grimm (R-New York), a Tea Party favorite, allegedly threw a reporter over a balcony after the speech, and has been indicted for second degree murder.

According to Capitol Hill police, the encounter between Rep. Grimm and his victim, reporter Michael Scotto of NY1, occurred in the Capitol Building’s rotunda shortly after President Obama concluded his annual State of the Union address. Scotto was interviewing Grimm, who is currently under federal investigation for campaign fundraising violations, and made the mistake of asking Grimm about the allegations.

Witnesses say that Grimm became enraged by the question and threatened to “break [Scotto] in half” and “throw [him] off this f—-g balcony.”

“I don’t think that poor reporter thought Grimm would actually do it,” one bystander said. “But before you knew it, there he was, hoisting the guy up and tossing him over the side. It was horrible.”

Police say that after tossing Scotto, who was pronounced dead at the scene, Grimm “continued on with the interview as though nothing had happened.” “He just stood there talking into the camera, as if he didn’t realize he’d just killed his interviewer,” Chief of Police Kim Dine said. “Apparently he found Obama’s speech vapid and dishonest, and he wanted to make sure everyone knew it.”

Grimm, who was originally elected to Congress with substantial Tea Party backing, is now being largely abandoned by his party and the conservative movement.

“I don’t know what this guy was thinking,” said Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) “All reporters are Liberal Media scum, and they do deserve to die, but murder is just a little unbecoming of an elected representative.”

An FBI spokesperson said that the investigation into Grimm’s campaign finances—which alleges that “donor swapping” was used to illegally fund his campaign—will continue on, despite Grimm’s new legal troubles.

President Obama also commented on the situation, calling it “shocking, but not all that surprising.”

“This is a sad day for America,” Obama said in a statement about the incident. “A man is dead, and that is tragic. But at least Republicans are finally acting like the bullies we always knew they were. I thank Representative Grimm for his honesty, but urge his party members to refrain from murdering people, at least until the midterms.”