Rep. Grothman: “For Centuries America Was A Haven For Black People, And Then Obama Came”

Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis., said recently that while “race relations were very good” when President Obama took office, the president has made things worse by meeting with Al Sharpton and praising Black Lives Matter, claiming that Obama could help make things better by discouraging “black America” from having “anything to do” with either. “See, the situation with race relations was very good eight years ago,” he told Wisconsin talk radio host Charlie Sykes, “but is seems as though both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – I mean, would you even be caught on stage with Al Sharpton?”

“And the end result? The situation we have today – a situation in which we’re back in the 18th century, back to when white people had slaves and back when they were allowed to do anything they wanted with them. And just to be clear – I oppose any attempt to view those who are different than white people as inferior in any way – but this is just terrible. I’m telling you, none of us were around in the 1800’s, but I guarantee you this is kind of what it looked like. One side couldn’t tolerate the other and everything you had was destruction and hatred,” Grothman argued.

He continued, “I was talking the other day with a friend of mine about this very topic, and he argued that this is all normal because history moves in circles and, therefore, has a way of repeating itself. At first I have to say that argument sounded logical. But then I got to thinking: if we’re meant to move in circles, how will we ever learn from our mistakes? And that’s when I told him he was full of it, because ain’t no way we were meant to go back to the way things are today between different races throughout America. Were meant to evolve and improve, not move in circles and stagnate.”

“And that brings be back to my point,” Grothman argued. “President Obama is the one responsible for all this trouble that we have in our streets today. He could have solved the problem thousands of times before the Dallas shooting, he just chose not to do it. And therein lies my biggest regret, because he’s comprised of both races, he’s a halfling. Before he came along, black people were doing just fine here, they had everything they needed. Sure, they suffered in the beginning, but we all did. Eventually, they were given their freedom and nobody messed with them. Then Obama came and it all went down the drain.”

“Compared to Africa, the entire black population here was safe from harm. There were no wild beasts to endanger them, there were no other natural enemies, there was only hard work and a dream of making a better life for yourself and your family. And it all worked just fine, things couldn’t have been better. Plus, after 9/11 everybody grew closer to each other because of the terrible tragedy we had gone through. Then 2008 came and hundreds of years of efforts to make things better were torched by one man. That’s why today we’re seeing the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy in effect during his presidency. Obama has single handedly destroyed what we’ve been building for almost 200 years,” Grothman said.

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