Rep. Humphrey: “If A Woman Is Stupid Enough To Get Pregnant, How Can She Demand To Decide The Fate Of The Baby With All Those Hormones?”

During a recent interview with The Intercept, Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey (R) insisted that if a woman is “irresponsible” enough to get an abortion, then she should only be considered “a host” for the fetus. Humphrey is supporting a bill that would ban women from getting an abortion without the permission of the father. In the original bill, fathers were forced to pay child support, but that portion of it has since been removed to focus on the rights of fathers. “I believe one of the major problems in our society today is the fact that we have excluded the man out of making all these types of decisions,” Humphrey insisted.

He continued, “There’s a very good reason why only mentally mature people should be allowed to have children. At the same time, what we have today in a great number of cases across the country is a situation in which children make a mistake and conceive other children without having first reached a mental stage in which they’re able to act the way adult parents should.” Humphrey also went on to argue that women, “and especially young girls,” who allow themselves the stupidity of getting pregnant because of a mistake “don’t deserve to be called mothers.” “The word ‘mother’ used to mean something in this country,” he added. “It used to signify the single most important person in one’s life. And now it’s been reduced to a mere biological term.”

“Pregnant women, and especially women who’ve gotten pregnant just because they wanted to have some fun, simply cannot be trusted,” Humphrey said. “It is a condition that can be as blinding as it is wonderful. A woman’s body changes because of it, the organism transforms completely. Their hormones go off the rails and have all sorts of manifestations. And you’re trying to tell me that women that are thrown into such mental torment should be allowed to decide what happens to their unborn child? That would be just like putting a serial child molester and rapist in a room filled with innocent, little girls and trusting him to make the right decision just because he promised he’d behave. It’s completely idiotic.”

“A pregnant woman craves pickles one minute and then switches over to chocolate the next – you really think someone like that is capable of making a rational decision when it comes to the fate of an innocent, unborn child? We have a duty to protect children from such hosts. Because, you see, stupidity very rarely breeds wisdom; most of the time, in fact, in only breeds more and more stupidity. If a woman is stupid enough to get pregnant and then have an abortion, what’s to stop her from doing the same thing all over again, more than once? Are we going to allow stupid women in this country to become serial baby-killers? Is that what the future generations should look up to, assuming we even have any future generations?” he opined.

“Don’t get me wrong,” the Oklahoma State Rep. went on the defensive for a moment. “I still believe women are the best thing about our existence; their ability to carry new life is nothing short of miraculous. I just hate it when they take such a gift for granted and decide to extinguish life instead of nurturing it. If I was a woman, believe me, I’d be out there popping out kids like a conveyer belt. That’s what’s really pissing me off about this whole issue; some women, who’d make wonderful mothers, can’t conceive, while others who can choose to commit murder for selfish reasons. Some girls just ought to be flat out neutered; if they can’t make the smart decision on their own, we’ll be more than glad to do it for them,” he concluded.