Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Warns of Coming Illegal Alien Apocalypse

TYLER, Texas – Texas GOP Congreeeman Louie Gohmert this week told Newsmax TV that he believed President Obama has turned a blind eye to illegal immigration in a political move intended to turn Texas into a reliably Democratic voting stronghold. He then said that if measures weren’t taken, Texas would soon be swept away by the coming Illegal Alien Apocalypse.

The conversation stemmed from Gohmert’s commentary over President Obama’s decision not to join Texas Governor Rick Perry for a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border to view areas where large numbers of illegal immigrants have been crossing into the United States. “It wouldn’t hurt his feelings if Texas got overwhelmed and had to quit bragging about all the jobs that are being created here,” said Gohmert. “I’m telling you, the illegals are going to wipe Texas right off the map. The illegal alien apocalypse will turn us into North Mexico.”

Gohmert pointed to the many social systems that are at risk from the influx of illegal immigrants. “Our schools cannot handle this influx. We don’t even know what all diseases they have. Our healthcare systems can’t withstand this influx,” he said. “I mean they got diseases in the jungle down there that’ll suck your brain dry. And they’re bringing them up here. We’re not ready for that!”

Gohmert said the President is ignoring the crisis in hopes that all the new immigrants will vote for the Democratic Party. “In the end, they have said that they want to turn Texas blue, they want to turn America blue,” he said. “And if you bring in hundreds of thousands or millions of people and give them the ability to vote and tell them… If you want to keep getting the benefits, you have to vote, and President Obama’s lawyers are not going to allow [election workers] to ask for an ID, so go vote or you’re going to lose the benefits you’re getting now. That drives people to vote and it will ensure that Republicans don’t ever get elected again.”

Gohmert said that since Hispanics vote at a smaller rate than whites, President Obama needs as many Hispanics in Texas as possible. “Maybe, what, one out of every ten immigrants vote, right? Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you let in twenty million illegals, that’s five million votes right there. It’s quantity over quality.”

He then warned that America would be destroyed unless it went back to the gold standard.

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