Rep. Love: “Nobody’s Perfect; Everybody Gropes A Woman Or Two At Some Point In Their Life”

Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) isn’t bothered by Donald Trump taking to Twitter to attack American citizens. When CNN host Jake Tapper asked Love if she’d seen the tweets that the president-elect has sent out over the last week, Love looked like a deer in headlights. “I can’t imagine the kind of-“ Love began to say over Tapper as she explained the death threats Steelworker Local 1999 president Chuck Jones was receiving after Trump’s tweets. “Look, nobody is perfect,” Love said, dismissing Trump’s online behavior. “I think that he – he reacts quite a bit. When someone pushes him, he pushes back. That can also be a downside.”

“But the funny thing is,” Love continued to defend Trump’s actions, “I’ve seen every possible reaction in the spectrum with people when it comes to their opinion of Trump; I’ve seen outrage, anger, despair, disbelief, fury, hatred and a ton other negative ways to respond. But the one thing I’ve yet to see is support. And I’ve often wondered why that is. And then it hit me – nobody has ever shown an ounce of support to Donald Trump for one reason and one reason only: jealousy. Because, let’s face it: there’s plenty to be jealous about when it comes to the President-elect. He’s a billionaire, he’s pretty good looking for his age, he’s got all of his natural hair, and he’s a huge fan of women. That’s about the four main things most men search for in their adult lives.”

“Coincidentally,” she continued, “most men today often lack one or more of the aforementioned traits. And that makes it very easy to be envious of Trump, but also very attractive to try to sell it as a political thing. So, bottom line, nobody really hates Donald Trump because he’s a Republican or because what he wants to do to America. In fact, deep down, people like what he’s trying to do with the immigrants and the wall and with China, but just don’t feel comfortable saying it in public for PC reasons. The real reason they hate him is the fact that every single person out there knows that they would behave exactly like him if the roles were reversed. They just don’t know how else to deal with it, so then they pretend like they don’t want him to be president, when in reality, they actually do, very much so.”

Love added, “And not only would people act exactly like him if they were in his shoes, they’d be a thousand times worse. We’d be seeing sexual harassment suits all over the place, because women would be groped on every corner; I’m talking 24/7. And that’s the definition of hypocrisy right there. That’s what I meant when I said nobody’s perfect. As a matter of fact, just look at the stats now – every couple of seconds, there’s a woman somewhere in America being grabbed by her genitals. And we can act disgusted all we want, but the sad truth of it is – everyone either gropes a woman or two at some point of their life or thinks about doing it all the time. And the fact that Donald Trump is the only one being called out and persecuted for it is just plain wrong and unfair,” she concluded.