Report: L.A. Has Nation’s Worst Traffic, Based on Number of Angry Tweets

LOS ANGELES – Tinseltown is really Traffictown once more. According to a report released by data tracker Inrix last week, Los Angeles has the nation’s most congested roads. The average Angelino spent 59 hours sitting in traffic last year.

While those nearly two-and-a-half days stuck behind the wheel are telling, the real indicator of L.A.’s commuter congestion problem may be the preponderance of furious and frustrated Twitter users in the city, far more than in any other American metropolis.

“405 a fucking parking lot AGAIN!” @CAAManuel tweeted recently. “If this goddamn Celica changes lanes ONE more time, I swear to Zeus it dies. #balls #justifiedeugenics” The message was retweeted by over 1,000 people.

“3rd latte a v.v. bad idea #Hindsight @SpagoRest – Going 2B late. And would everyone GET THE HELL OFF MY ASS?! #PersonalSpace,” tweeted CelicaGal29.

By contrast, Honolulu, which reportedly has the second-worst traffic in the U.S., has Twitter users with far sunnier dispositions.

@GetPaidGetLeied tweeted on Friday: “Omigod the H-1 is like heaven’s waiting room! lol Almost forgot to accelerate there for a second … #JoieDeVivre”

Meanwhile, back in L.A., Inrix says the average driver spends more than an hour trying to get home on Friday afternoons.

“I think we’re actually moving backwards,” tweeted @HWeinstein, “AC on high, high on AC. MAKE A LANE PEOPLE! Next time I take the chopper.”