The Republicans prefer Putin rather Than Obama for US presidency

WASHINGTON DC – Pat Buchanan: “if only Putin would have been leader of the free world and Obama of Russia”.
An unnamed source from the Republican party has openly stated that the general opinion within the party is that Obama is leading the country into doomsday recession, which has a twofold effect on world events: primarily, it is felt that such practice is diminishing the power and significance of American presence worldwide, while countries like Russia and China are increasing theirs.

Secondly, the symbolism of the Russian president has become incredibly potent in recent years, which is why an increasing number of American politicians (and especially republican ones) are openly admitting to admiring Vladimir Putin!
The fact to the matter is that world leaders with the kind of charisma that, for example, Kennedy had will never be born again, but it seems that the “iron bear” (how Putin is often referred to) is slowly managing to do the impossible. In fact, there have even been rumors that several party officials have stated that they would rather have a vodka or watch a hockey game with Putin than have a conversation with Obama! Additionally, it’s no secret that people just don’t like the fact that Obama keeps hiding that he’s a Muslim, unlike Putin who has on several occasions pointed out his belief in the Christian Orthodox Church.
Furthermore, they say that not only is Putin widely praised for his perseverance when it comes to the representation of Russia’s global socio-economic interests, but he is also being openly admired by several prominent republican party members, who feel that his charisma and relentlessness are exemplary characteristics of a global leader. The republicans’ next step remains to be seen, but it will undoubtedly be a very light one.

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