Restaurant Owner Offers Free Food for Anyone Who Points a Gun at Him

PORT ALLEN, La – Kevin Cox, owner of Bergerson’s Restaurant in Port Allen, is encouraging people to bring guns into his restaurant, letting it be known that anyone who aims a loaded weapon at Cox’s head will be given a free meal.

“I just need to see a weapon. I need you to be carrying a gun,” Cox said. “And I need you to point that gun at my head and threaten to pull the trigger. After that, the meal’s on me.”

Cox had already been offering a discount at his restaurant to law enforcement officers who were carrying guns, but when a number of customers asked if they could also bring their guns in to get a discount, he chose to open up his offer to anyone packing heat. “My friends and relatives would come in with their guns on their holster. I felt good about that,” said Cox. “It made me feel safer that they were there with their gun, so why not include all good citizens with the officers too?”

“Obviously, anybody who brings a gun into my restaurant is trying to make my place of business a safer environment for me and my customers,” he added. “That’s worth a few bucks.”

The change from discounted food to a free meal grew organically from the new policy. “If a gun in a holster is safe, then a gun out of a holster is even safer, right? Logically, a gun aiming between my eyes has to be the safest of all.”

Thus far, the new policy of threatening to shoot Cox in order to get a free meal has been popular with restaurant patrons. “There’s so many people who are trying to take our guns away and the government makes stricter gun laws,” said customer Olivia Carambat, who recently brought her Smith and Wesson 38 into the establishment. “They forget that we really do, we’re given the right in the Constitution to keep and bear arms. And why would anyone keep and bear arms without pointing them at people? I mean that’s why they have a narrow end in the first place.”

Cox is happy his new policy has been a hit, and said the more guns brought into his restaurant, the safer he feels. “If you have a gun on you, I’m going to give you a discount,” he said. “If you take that gun and threaten me or my family, then I’m going to give you a free meal.”

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