Revolutionizing US-based Cosmetic Manufacturing

The US manufacturing sector had a creeping or stagnant growth over the years due to unfavorable economic policies. However, due to recent changes in policies favoring the domestic market, there has been a steady growth in the manufacturing sector. Bellus All Natural Labs is an award winning cosmetics manufacturer that has made headlines across the United States.

Bellus – An Award-Winning Local Manufacturer

Bellus - An Award-winning Local Manufacturer

In 2021, Bellus All Natural Labs was awarded the 2021 Manufacturer of the Year by the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program. Bellus, manufacturing private-label skin care and cosmetics in the country, was honored with the award for its outstanding industry leadership, rapid sustainable growth, and visionary management philosophy.

To win the manufacturer of the year, local manufacturers (award nominees) compete against each other by demonstrating industry leadership, innovation, growth, commitment, and development. The competition is fierce and the operations of these companies are also scrutinized to shortlist some of the best businesses in the United States.

With sustainable practices at their core and uplifting local communities, Bellus All Natural Labs, their impacts could not be overlooked.

Dominating The Skin Care Market One Step At A Time

Dominating the Skin Care Market One Step at a Time

Cimo and Michael, the founder of Bellus All Natural Labs, founded the skincare manufacturing business in 2015 in their small apartment. Through dedication, hard work, and sheer commitment, the couple focused on all parts of the business one step at a time, from the kitchen to the business processes, and operations.

Their goal is to deliver fresh products. Everything you see is made fresh with the highest quality ingredients sourced ethically. Bellus All Natural Labs doesn’t just make products, it makes a brand for their clients.

In 2020, the company reached its largest milestone, creating over 45,000 different products and establishing more than 340 private label brands. Every formula goes through a stringent check, and customizations are made according to skin type, tone, and more.

By simplifying cosmetic manufacturing, growing your business, and adhering to skincare compliance, Bellus Labs helps clients get their products into the world. The award-winning skincare manufacturer is GMP compliant, FDA registered, and a 100% US-based manufacturer.

No more waiting for your products to arrive from China or any other country when you have an award-winning US-based cosmetics manufacturer.

US-based cosmetics manufacturer

Here is why many local businesses prefer Bellus over other manufacturers:

  1. Low lead times
  2. No need for an expensive setup
  3. No storage fees
  4. Adhering to all necessary compliances
  5. Fantastic customer support

Bellus not only provides cosmetic manufacturing in the United States but also provides the following design services to their clients:

  • Web site design
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

They offer businesses additional services under private labels, such as custom packaging, logo and label design, and even product reviews. Access to a wide variety of support for local businesses has made them stand out among the competition.

With an award-winning cosmetic manufacturing setup, best business practices and innovation, and superior effective marketing strategies, Bellus All Natural Labs has become the perfect one-window solution for many local businesses looking to scale their brand.

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