Rick Perry: “It’s All About Being White And Wealthy; Everybody Should Try It”

“Austin, TX – Many say that Rick Perry is a man who’s already made history. The iconic Texas governor is leaving a mark on his state that won’t soon be forgotten.

“It’s official – the state’s longest-serving governor will leave the office he’s held for more than three consecutive terms after new year. Perry is handing the rains to Attorney General Greg Abbott and the transition marks the end of an era in Texas politics.

“The legacy of Rick Perry is a remarkable one, by all accounts – his supporters call it the “Texas miracle”, but the man himself is a bit more down-to-earth when it comes to the name: “miracles I can’t explain, I’ll leave those to the good Lord. This is not a miracle. We know how this happened”, he said. Even his final days in the Governor’s Mansion are spent burnishing his brainchild.

“The “Texas miracle” refers to his state’s steady job growth and sturdy economy. From his own words, it’s a proven blueprint that can work across the country.

“Not even Perry’s critics could ignore the cold, hard facts. Author of “Lone Star Tarnished” and SMU political science professor, Cal Jillson, said: “Governor Perry established in the national mind that Texas is the place for jobs and freedom where entrepreneurship thrives and the American dream is alive.”

“But, like all critics, Jillson wasn’t going to end it there: “if you’re white and wealthy, Texas is a great place.”

However, Jillson’s comment on poverty really struck a nerve with Perry.
“You know, the man does have a point. Because, when you strip down all the statistics and economic indicators, the fact to the matter is – you’re better off if you’re white. And if you happen to be rich at the same time, you’ve got it made. Texas is no exception”, Perry said in an interview with Newslo.

He added: “I don’t even have to say anything, the facts are already there. I’ve been the governor of Texas for a long time, and look at the state of things here today. For reference sake, take a look at the rest of the country. Guess what color is our president? There’s your connection. The lesson? Everybody should just try to be white. Your life would be a whole lot easier.”

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