Rick Scarborough: “Abortion Is Not A Sin If The Baby Is Going To Be Gay”

“On Monday, Vision America’s Rick Scarborough spoke at St. Andrew Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida, as part of the church’s weekly “Spiritual Revolution – Reclaiming America” series, where he declared that the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision will kill this nation and warned that children will now be adopted by gay parents and will wind up in Hell.

““The reason Satan is trying to destroy this country right now is because we send more missionaries, do more good than any nation in history,” Scarborough thundered. “But that’s all at stake right now because by the act of five unelected judges mandated something upon this country that, for the first time, could kill it!”

“Gay marriage is far worse than abortion, he explained, because Christians can simply “opt out” and refuse to have abortions but “when homosexuals begin lining up to adopt those children, they will literally disciple them into an early grave called Hell.”

But, he didn’t stop there. Scarborough also presented a theory that “children who are going to be gays shouldn’t have to go through such torment. In fact, those children should have been aborted.”

“Let’s take underage pregnancies, for example. There are plenty of young girls and boys out there who fool around and end up with expecting a baby. If they plan on giving their babies up for adoption when the time comes, they’re literally condemning those children to a Hell on Earth,” Scarborough opined. “It’s even worse if a young couple supports gay marriage and plans to give their baby directly to a newlywed gay couple. That’s like offering your child to the Devil himself.”

He also stated that “Therefore, in cases where ultrasound test shows that the baby is going to be gay, it’s better to have an abortion, because in the eyes of God and compared to the alternative, abortion isn’t a sin anymore.”
“When you have to choose between two wrongs, you’re obviously going to choose the lesser one. Between abortion and gay couples adopting babies, or gay child, the former is the lesser wrong, and we all know that. Even God Himself won’t judge couples who abort their children from fear of being raised by homosexual parents. America is fast growing into a country of homosexuals and we need to realize that. Otherwise, we’re looking at a land of buttfu**ers in the coming years.”

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