Rios: “Liberals Created Zika Virus, Poisoned Flint Water To Scare People Away From Harmless Republicans”

Recently, American Family Association official Sandy Rios spoke on her radio program with a caller who was angry that Rios and other conservatives aren’t talking about the Flint water crisis, where policies imposed by the state’s Republican administration directly led to the poisoning of the city’s water supply. Rios responded by blaming the city’s powerless Democratic city officials for the lead poisoning catastrophe and alleged that the disaster in Flint is less important than the threat from ISIS and “our out-of-control borders.” She also managed to link outrage over the Flint crisis to coverage of the Zika virus outbreak in South and Central America.

“Honestly, in the last few weeks, everybody’s been talking about nothing but the Flint crisis and the Zika virus. I can certainly understand that they both represent very difficult situations and that something must be done immediately, but let’s face it – they’re not the only crises that are going on right now,” Rios said. “What about the fact that we still haven’t done a damn thing about ISIS? What, you think that they’re going to be sympathetic now? That they’re going to say, ‘Oh, those poor Americans are really going through a tough time, here, let’s stop being terrorists for a while and help them out?’ Of course not, they’re going to hit us with everything they’ve got while we’re down on our knees.”

She added, “But, this is an election year, and I think everybody’s aware that the liberals are going to try – no, actually, scratch that – that they’ve been trying to destabilize the country any way they can because they know that there is no way in hell that another Democrat is going to become president again, not after what Obama has done. And you know something else? I’ll bet you that they’re behind all this Zika virus and Flint crisis propaganda. What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they started the whole thing as a feeble attempt to show how incompetent Republicans can be when it comes to fixing problems.”

“But, they’ve got another thing coming,” Rios argued. “I am telling you, the liberals want to make Americans forget that it was Obama who actually created ISIS. They’re trying to destabilize the country by causing these so-called ‘virus outbreaks’ and ‘lead poisonings,’ when in fact, they’re attempting to make Republicans seem incompetent, even though we’re perfectly harmless and innocent. But, just look at what’s going on – we’ve figured out what they’re doing and have caught them red-handed. I mean, they’re so idiotic that they can’t even frame someone for something without getting caught in the process. At the end of the day, everybody knows that if you want to frame someone for something, you should take a page out of Monica Lewinski’s handbook. She did a perfect job of it in her day. These Democrats today? They’re a bunch of ignorant idiots, complete with Hillary and Bernie. Those two look like two kids fighting over who gets to pee in the sandbox first. And then they expect you to vote for them.”