RNC spokesman Sean Spicer: “No Conflict Of Interest With The Trumps Because They’re Already Billionaires”

In a heated CNN interview on Wednesday morning, host Kate Bolduan lost it over Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer’s repeated claims that the Trump transition has been transparent, Mediaite reports. She started the conversation with noting how Donald Trump Jr. interviewed candidates for Sec. of Interior, that Eric Trump sat in on at least one meeting with Mitt Romney, and Ivanka Trump sat in on a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister. In the weeks since Donald Trump’s victory, there have been many questions regarding “conflict of interests,” namely that his family has been involved both in Trump business dealings, as well as in matters of the transition.

“First of all, let me just say that there is total transparency surrounding the transition and also that Donald Trump has made it very clear about who is going to be involved in every stage of the process, that is not something anybody can say he’s done wrong,” Spicer argued. “I realize that you’re trying to come off as some sort of investigative reporter right now, and I appreciate the aggression you’re portraying, but let me just say that you won’t intimidate me that easy, I’ve been around the block a couple of times. You have every right to ask me any kind of question you like, but I don’t like your current tone and you’re not being particularly nice about this.”

“Now that that’s been said,” the RNC spokesman continued, “allow me to add that there is absolutely no conflict of interest whatsoever in anything remotely surrounding the transition, due to one very simple reason: the Trump family are already loaded. They don’t need to resort to schemes and deception and stealing money and committing crime in order to amass a fortune. That was the way everybody else did things before; but all of that ended once Donald Trump won the election. And while we’re on the subject – that’s one of the things that the citizens of this country will never ever have to worry about. Donald Trump is many things, but he simply doesn’t have the need to be a thief – he’s got more than enough money of his own.”

He continued, “In other words, nobody in the Trump family has anything to gain by trying to steal money or engaging in any kind of lucrative, risky and legally questionable activity or endeavor. Because, that’s one of the beautiful things about this beautiful country of ours: if you’re rich enough, you’re more free than everyone else. And Donald Trump has just proven that if you indeed have enough money, you can literally make all your dreams come true, and that’s including those one might have about becoming the President of the United States.”

“And besides – even if the Trumps were thieves, they’d hardly have anything left to steal, since Obama already crippled the country. He took everything he could, particularly focusing on black people, which is why we today have the deepest racial gap we’ve ever had. And I’ll tell you of another benefit of having a billionaire businessman as president: he won’t have to order the banks to bail out the economy when the next recession hits; he’ll single-handedly save America with his own money. Of course, he’ll also have started the said recession in the first place, but we’re not discussing that right now. Anyway, saving America on his own is something poor Obama is never going to be able to do, not in a million years. You want to talk Nobel Prizes? Trump ought to have one for being so incredibly rich,” Spicer concluded.