Robert Tilton: “The Great Flood Also Started With Climate Change, Was Punishment For Gays”

“Only ten years or so ago, the easiest way to drive up conservative turnout in most states was to place an initiative on the ballot seeking to either legalize or ban marriage equality. That initiative would draw conservatives to the polls to vote, one way or the other, against marriage equality, and while there, pull the lever or check the box for the rest of the Republican ticket. As recently as 2008, California, a state that Barack Obama carried in that election by a margin of 24 percent, passed Proposition 8, an initiative that outlawed marriage between two men or two women by 52 percent to 48 percent.

“By 2015, things have changed, as marriage equality is disappearing from center stage of the political debate. It is not only no longer an issue that helps swing voters move Republican, but these days it is rarely used even to mobilize the conservative base. A recent New York Times/CBS News poll that was full of bad news for Democrats and President Obama, held good news for supporters of marriage equality. Fully 56 percent of respondents said they thought it should be legal for same-sex couples to marry, while only 37 percent opposed the idea. Marriage equality may not be settled law, but it is close to settled opinion. Age replacement in the electorate over the next few years will expand support for marriage equality, as older voters oppose it more than younger voters do.

“Robert Tilton, a televangelist best known for his religious television program Success-N-Life, as well as for a fundraising scandal in the 1990s, commented for Newslo on the current situation regarding same-sex marriages and legislation in America. He said that “what we’re seeing now is the same thing our ancestors saw before the Great Flood.”

“One look at the Bible will tell you everything,” Tilton stated. “The Great Flood was also preceded by climate change and deviant behavior of men throughout the lands. What happened then? God made us start over. We were blessed with a second chance and now we’re blowing it.”
He continued: “We have reached a point where same-sex marriages are seriously considered as normal. Legislation is being tailored to suit gays, lesbians, transgender people and what not. Historically, speaking, there’s always been stuff and people like that, but to my knowledge, this is the first time ever that we’ve openly tried to make deviance legal. I’m really scared of what lies ahead if we don’t take another path.”

He concluded by saying: “The Great Flood was God’s warning and punishment for our wretched nature. I’m afraid it wasn’t the only Great Flood.”