Robertson: “Democrats Timed The Election Right After Halloween To Get More Votes For The Witch”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson launched into one of his trademark tirades against Halloween, warning viewers that the day is meant to celebrate Satan and his minions. “Halloween, supposedly All Saints’ Eve, a day dedicated to the saints of God, has become a day in honor of Satan where we worship demons, we dress like demons, we talk about satanic rituals and we don’t think too much about it,” he said. “But demons are real.” Robertson warned that these demons like it when we partake in Halloween because it’s a day on which we “worship Satan.”

“And I’m not just talking here about ordinary people throughout the country, I’m talking about the horrible fact that celebrities of all genders, races, ethnicities and religions all join together in this ritual of celebrating Satan, and that’s what worries me more than anything else,” he added. “It’s bad enough that traditional Christians don’t seem to care about committing sin, but members of other religions throughout America are also doing it. That almost quadruples the treat.”

When a caller asked him who’s responsible for “disguising” All Saints’ Eve as an open invitation to the Devil to come to Earth, Robertson had only one, predictable answer: the Democrats. “I don’t even know where to begin, I’ve been saying this for so long that I think everybody on planet Earth know how I feel about it,” he said. “The Democrats are responsible, of course. And I’ve seen some pretty despicable things in my time on this world, some of which I’m afraid to talk about in public because I might be deemed a madman. But, this, what they’re doing right now, I have to say I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The televangelist went on to argue that the 2016 presidential election was intentionally scheduled for early November, because at that time people are “still filled up on the demonic spirit” that’s left over from Halloween. “And that’s precisely the card that the Democrats are playing on,” he said. “Once they realized that everything else was failing and that that witch Hillary Clinton is going to go down because of the Benghazi scandal and that whole business with the private email server, they timed the election to be right after this Devil-worshiping festival they call Halloween.”

“That’s the best way they could think of to get more votes for the witch,” he continued. “Because, you see, the thing about demons is – it takes one to know one. And the only way to get more votes for the demon that goes by the name of Hillary Clinton is to possess millions of Americans during Halloween and use them while they’re still intoxicated from the partying and the blasphemy and the satanic rituals and get them into the voting booths to give their vote to the witch who calls herself the Democratic presidential nominee. That’s the kind of tactics the Democrats have to resort to in order to beat Donald Trump, who was chosen by God to be the light in these dark times,” Robertson concluded his usual rant.