Robertson: “If Your Wife Ever Gets Possessed By Demons, Dump Her And Let Someone Else Deal With The Problem”

Recently on “The 700 Club,” a viewer asked Pat Robertson for advice on behalf of a friend who recently bought a house she believes is haunted, reporting unusual events such as a shaking bed, mysteriously opened cabinet doors and “an unintelligible electronic voice.” “Sell!” Robertson advised. “Sell and get out!” Robertson suggested that “demon spirits” may be responsible for bizarre incidents in the house, which the viewer said was the site of two suicides. While he said the viewer “could get a group of people in there and do an exorcism to get rid of” the demons, he advised her to instead “sell the thing and let somebody else have the problem.”

“It’s kind of like what you’d do to your wife, if she ever got possessed by demons,” the televangelist added, obviously attempting to make a comparison for the purposes of proving his point. “No way in hell would I ever want to deal with her in that state again. I’d dump her and get the heck out of dodge. Let someone else deal with the problem, it’s not in the husband’s job description. I mean, it’s bad enough we’re expected to put up with their hormones, mood swings, cravings, and unreasonable shopping sprees, but it’s another thing to have to put up with all of that, and then also be worried about when she’s going to fall into a deep trance, take a kitchen knife and make a bow tie out of your intestines.”

“And that’s my advice to you on how your friend should deal with the house in question, Sir, she needs to get the heck out of there and let somebody else deal with it,” he continued. “It’s not her duty to have to suffer just because some poor souls decided they had enough of this life and chose to commit suicide in their home. I mean, the equivalent of that would be if somebody’s wife chained them to the radiator and forced them to watch and listen as she goes through her periods, then her rampant cycles of crying, laughing and being angry for no reason, and then experience menopause. It just wasn’t meant to be and there’s no way someone should suffer the consequences of the actions of others. This particularly applies to husbands.”

Robertson added, “Because it’s all part of a grand design of things that governs all of our lives. For instance, imagine if your wife got possessed by a demon that happens to be a nymphomaniac. I’m sure you’d be glad at first, but after a while, you’d probably start to feel fed up and you’d resist. At that point, your only option would be to simply let someone else have her, and therein lies the plot. There’s a great chance that that someone else would likely be a sinner who deserves such punishment. Like, imagine if the other guy was impotent. The demon possessing your now ex-wife would probably feel it hit the jackpot, and the other guy would love that situation as well. So, what I’m trying to say is – there’s a reason for everything. You just tell your friend I told her to leave that house immediately and let someone else fix it,” he concluded.