Roger Stone Blames Kushner For “Leaking Fake News Against Trump To Morning Joe Like Jews Have Been Doing Forever”

Longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone on Tuesday publicly accused Trump’s son-in-law of leaking damaging information about the White House to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. During an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Stone called out Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for constantly leaking dirt to Scarborough, the MSNBC host who has of late been very critical of the president’s performance. “Sources tell me the president’s son-in-law enjoys a very lively text exchange with Joe Scarborough, and that Scarborough’s repeated attacks on Steve Bannon, not to mention some of these attacks on the president, clearly are being manipulated by Jared Kushner,” Stone said.

He continued, “Now, I don’t personally have a problem with him, I want to get that out there right away. However, and I’m not discriminating here, but if you go back through history, you kind of start to see a pattern of Jews having done the exact same thing. And that’s the real problem here, because they seem to have a habit of doing things that are damaging to the president of the country intentionally. Far be it for me to promote the existence of conspiracy theories, but at the end of the day, you can’t argue with the facts, nor should you, and especially not when they’re this clear.”

“You keep hearing whispers of how the Jews are wanting to control the government and how they’re the ones responsible for creating a global government that intends to rule the world through means of money and economy,” he added. “But up until now, there hasn’t been any evidence to support that whatsoever. Yet, what we’re seeing right now is one of President Trump’s closest advisers – who also happens to be married to his daughter, funny how that works – actually shelling out fake news that have to do with Trump himself in what could only be interpreted as an attempt to discredit him. What other motive could one have for doing that?”

Stone also said, “From what I can gather, the end game here is to get the people in America, as well as around the world, to stop taking President Trump seriously. If they stop taking him seriously, that creates the perfect window of opportunity for some sort of proverbial Messiah to swoop in and save the day. In this instance, I have a feeling it’s going to be the government, which, again is pretty much the entity that has the final say about anything and everything. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he whoever controls the government, controls the country, and seeing how America is the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, it’s only a matter of time before other countries yield as well.”

“So, all that stuff you’ve read online about how President Trump isn’t very endowed and how he married a former prostitute and porn actress and how he’s this and that and whatnot, that’s all fake news leaked to the likes of Morning Joe by Kushner the Jew. And I’m sad to say it, but he’s actually done a pretty good job of it, since we seem to be having more and more protests and riots in the country than before. If this continues and he’s not fired, I fear Kushner might end up causing a real catastrophe. Maybe even something like divorcing Ivanka. And you can imagine how badly that would sadden white women all across America. President Trump’s in enough trouble with them as it is,” he concluded.