Roger Stone Blames Obama For The Possibility Of Trump Having Alzheimer’s Because “His Attacks On The President Caused Severe Stress”

The whispers are growing louder that President Donald Trump may be suffering some sort of mental decline and cognitive impairment – and his longtime pal Roger Stone thinks it’s a conspiracy. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who has known the president for years, has been suggesting on air that Trump is suffering from mental decline and possibly even dementia. Stone, who has known the president for decades and claims to remain in close contact, told InfoWars founder Alex Jones the concerns about Trump’s mental state were part of a plot to remove him from the White House, reported Mediaite. “They are going to claim that Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s…and that is the source of his insanity,” Stone told Jones.

“Look, Alex – I’ve known Donald Trump for many years now and during that time I’ve gotten very close with him,” Stone said. “Just like you’re able to tell when your mother or father or some other family member or friend you spend a lot of time with starts to change in any way, I’m also able to tell you all of Donald’s little habits, mannerisms, quirky gestures he makes when he speaks and even predict what he’s going to say and how he’s going to behave depending on his mood. As a matter of fact, I’d even go so far as to say that the man is more like a brother to me than a friend. And like I said, when you’ve spent that much time with someone and gotten to know virtually everything about them, it’s very easy to tell if and when they start behaving oddly. You know what I mean?”

Stone continued, “I’m telling you right here and now – it’s all one huge conspiracy to get people to believe Donald is unfit for duty and get him out of the White House. It’s the only option they have left, since they couldn’t beat him the normal way. Donald Trump does not have Alzheimer’s, dementia or whatever else they’re saying he’s suffering from.” Jones asked, “But look, I hear you, I get what you’re saying and I’m on your side, but you have to admit – he’s not a young man anymore, he’s 70 years old and he’s continuously been exposed to huge amounts of stress on a daily level for decades. Are you saying that’s not even a remote possibility?” Stone replied, “Well, that’s the thing, Alex – I’m not a doctor. I’ve spoken to him recently and he was his usual self, from what I could gather.”

“That being said, in my book, he’s the same, old Donald whom I’ve known for years and years. Of course, as I mentioned – I’m not a doctor or a professional, so I don’t have any medical argumentation to support my claims. But, I will say this: in the unlikely event I’m wrong and he does have a mental impairment, it’s Barack Obama’s fault. I mean, Barack Obama has attacked Donald Trump since the moment he realized that Donald was thinking about running for president – I think even before he initiated his campaign. His attacks on Donald Trump caused immense stress on a daily level because, that’s the thing – Obama had no other arguments to dispute Donald’s campaign other than to make jokes about how he’s a bad employer and how business is all he’s ever been good at. Sure, he’s not a politician, but he’s a self-made man. In my book, that’s way better than being a so-called Democrat who cares more about illegal and Muslim immigrants than he does for his own people. So, I would certainly understand if Donald has Alzheimer’s because of Barack Obama,” Stone concluded.