Roger Stone: “Hillary Asked Huma Abedin To Marry A Jew As Cover For Her Islamism And Lesbianism”

Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone continued his smear campaign against Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton who Stone believes is a radical Islamic “terrorist agent,” on Breitbart News Daily recently, where he suggested that Abedin married Anthony Weiner, the former congressman from New York, because his Jewish faith would be a good cover for her Islamist agenda. “That was a prestigious marriage,” he said of Abedin and Weiner. “Also given her radical background, marrying a Jewish fellow, that’s pretty good cover if you ask me.”

“Look, here’s how it all works,” Stone elaborated. “First off, you have Abedin, who herself, in addition to her parents and her siblings, has worked for the infamous Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. Okay? Now, this wouldn’t be strange at all if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re talking here about a so-called legitimate group that was actually created by Saudi Arabia through the Muslim World League in order to spread Wahhabism. Now, right off the bat – that doesn’t sound very good, does it? And that’s the kind of person that is currently serving as an aide to the Democratic presidential candidate.”

He continued, “Furthermore, we’re talking about a person here that was raised in Saudi Arabia, which has consistently been funding radical Islamic terrorists with over $100,000,000 every year. And we all know how fanatical terrorists can be, right? I mean, it takes some serious brainwashing in order for someone to blow themselves up in the middle of the street believing that they’ll be granted 72 hot virgins because of it.” “And the worst part is,” Stone added, “Clinton was well aware of what’s going on with Saudi Arabia. She and Obama and most Democrats are on the Saudi payroll; the Clinton Foundation has accepted millions from them in the form of so-called donations. How am I doing so far?”

Stone also said, “Now, when you get used to that kind of money being poured into your pocket, it’s easy to become lost in it. And that’s exactly what has happened to Hillary Clinton – she is so deep in Saudi Arabian blood money that she’s virtually not calling any shots anymore, she’s just taking orders. And in order to make sure nobody can accuse her of harboring a foreign terrorist agent under her wing, she asked Abedin to marry a Jew in an attempt to eliminate any loose ends, where someone could potentially accuse her of being what she, in fact, really is. And that’s not a coincidence, either, let me tell you,” Stone quipped.

“I mean, they could have picked out a nice, Christian fellow, but no – that would not have been credible enough, people wouldn’t have bought it. So they went with a Jewish guy – the same race that dug its claws into the United States after we saved them from the Nazis in World War II,” he added. “So, we’re not really in danger from just one terrorist agent, it’s more of a tag team thing, a double threat. Heck, Abedin is probably planning of ways to organize another 9/11 as we speak, and I bet her husband is already working on another financial crisis like the one we had in 2008, because, you know, the Saudis are good with guns and Jews are good with money. And you know how I know the marriage is a scam? Abedin is a lesbian and she’s probably Clinton’s secret lover – because Bill’s no good anyway these days, he’s like a limp horse,” Stone concluded.