Romney: “I love women, I only have to pay them 72 cents on the dollar”

WASHINGTON — Following heated controversy on Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s religious and personal views about women, critics were stunned when he admitted at an Ohio rally, “I love women, I only have to pay them 72 percent of what I’d have to pay a man.”

In an interview with Newslo on Wednesday, the Republican candidate clarified his position: “These are the tactics we need to return to. I didn’t lower state deficits and unemployment rates in Massachusetts by asking God for help. I just employed more women. In today’s economy more women need to be encouraged into the work force, because lets face it, high school isn’t for everybody. And in the economy I will create, even women will have jobs.”

Citing America’s history with slavery and women’s suffrage, Romney explained that complete equality was unrealistic, and that, “If it hasn’t happened in the last 300 years, it probably won’t happen anytime soon.” While many liberals disagreed on this point, Romney received a strong backing from the Christian Right.

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    Romney is ridiculous and you are hilarious.

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