Rubio: “God Killed Those Gays In Orlando To Signal He Needs Me Back In The Senate”

The terrorist attack at an Orlando, Florida, nightclub has “impacted” the thinking of Marco Rubio “about a lot of things,” the Florida senator said Monday, including making him “think a little bit about your service to your country and where you can be most useful to your country.” During an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Monday morning, the conservative radio host urged the former Republican presidential candidate to change his mind and seek re-election for his Senate seat.

“This is indeed a time to reflect,” Rubio told Hewitt. “This is a time to reflect on our past, on what we have done to cause this tragedy, how to remedy it for the sake of the future, and most importantly, how to address the consequences of this terrible attack. Because, despite of what we might think, we have a lot to do with this, every single one of us. Especially the Democrats.”

Asked to elaborate on his rhetoric, the Florida senator attempted to point the blame to President Barack Obama and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “It’s very simple. If those poor people had guns on them at the time of the incident, one of them might have managed to shoot the assailant once or several times, which could have ended the entire thing before all those people died. So if the friends and families of the deceased want someone to point the finger to, it should be our president and his second-in-command. Because I hold them directly responsible, as should they.”

Rubio went on to claim that “it was God’s will that those people died,” and that God was the one who made it happen “because He had no other way of telling me how much He needs me back in the Senate.” “You’re well aware of the state of things in America today, Hugh,” the senator continued. “Do you really think that man decided to kill 50 people and wound as many just because of the spur of the moment? No, that was a higher power in action. That higher power is God, and that was His way of getting a message down to me. Well, I’m here to tell Him that His message was received loud and clear.”

“Americans need me back in the Senate and I need to be back there so that I could stop the Democrats’ kidnapping of weapons from the citizens of this country. Stricter gun laws are not what we need right now, quite the opposite. If we want our people to be able to defend themselves, they need to be able to do that anytime, anywhere and with equal power,” he argued.

“And gay people are the perfect bait,” the senator also said. “On the outside, they look all weak, feminine and vulnerable. That makes them an obvious, easy target, which is what we’ve seen in Orlando. But if they’re packing like Yosemite Sam, the terrorists are going to be in for a surprise when they try something like this the next time. And trust me, they’re not finished.”

He added, “Hell, after what just happened, I honestly think this was the last straw. See, if our President was a brilliant strategist, which he’s not, but if he was, right now he’d be converting the entire U.S. Army into a mean, green, gay fighting machine. If I were the commander in chief, I’d recruit every LGBT person in the country right now, arm them to the teeth and ship them off to Syria and Iran to fight ISIS.”

“Because, there’s no greater motivation than revenge, and I’d say the gay community in America is pretty motivated right now. Plus, they’re always crying about equality. So, here’s an opportunity to be equal with the straight fighting men and women in our military. Not to mention, gays always want to be traveling abroad, and they’re nuts about men in uniforms. So, that would definitely be a win-win situation,” Rubio said.

“That’s why I need to be in the Senate and that’s why God’s message is so important. Because gay commandos aren’t going to be a thing unless someone other than the Democrats has a say in it,” he added, causing Hewitt to laughingly approve.

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