Rubio: “Raped Women Must Get Anti-Zika Vaccine So They Can’t Claim They Require Abortions”

The United States Congress left for the summer recess before dealing with the impending doom of the Zika virus, and now Florida is under attack from Zika-infected mosquitoes. While on the campaign trail last month, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that it’s a “difficult question” whether women with Zika, which causes devastating birth defects, should be allowed to get an abortion. He claimed he would prefer to force women to give birth and “err on the side of life.” It’s consistent with Rubio’s belief that all abortion should be illegal, even in the case of rape and incest.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Rubio argued that many women who have been bitten by Zika-carrying mosquitoes see an opportunity to have an abortion because of it. “From their point of view, this is an unexpected development which could end up giving them everything they want,” Rubio said. “In other words, Zika is essentially an excuse to murder unborn children. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we should not play God. It is not in our power to decide whether or not those babies deserve to live, God decides that. All we can do for them is help them live as painlessly as possible once they’re born.”

Asked to elaborate on his next step regarding statewide pressure on the issue from the outraged mothers-to-be, Sen. Rubio argued that the best course of action would have to be an “anti-Zika vaccine” that would eliminate the possibility of mothers asking for abortion under the false pretense of risking giving birth to a defected baby. “When it comes to rape victims, I think we’re pretty clear on that,” he said. “Those circumstances are horrific, but as I’ve said, we’re not allowed to play God. And I’m afraid the Zika virus epidemic has provided pregnant rape victims with another excuse to apply for abortion. We can’t have that.”

“That’s why I’ve started working on making the anti-Zika vaccine mandatory for all pregnant rape victims who were bitten by Zika-infected mosquitoes,” Rubio continued. “Let’s put it like this: in this situation where we have rape and a virus outbreak and a sensitive issue like abortion, there’s very little chance of fixing things in a way that will result in the complete satisfaction of every single party involved. So, instead of going for an unrealistic goal, let’s try to focus on minimizing the damage and containing the outbreak, because that’s a matter of the utmost urgency for obvious reasons.”

He added, “When you put it like that, it becomes obvious that the vaccine is the lesser of all evils, which makes it the most logical course of action. And now that we’ve settled on that, all that remains is for me to find a way to make those vaccines free. Because if we put them under Obamacare, all hell is going to break loose, especially since Trump is going to cancel…actually, you know what? I talk too much. Bottom line, anti-Zika vaccines are perfect way of hitting two birds with one stone. No more virus outbreak and no more abortions because of it – and voila, problem solved.”