Pentagon Reports More Sexual Assault Victims Coming Forward

“Washington, D.C. – In a hugely anticipated report of the Pentagon, it is said that fewer members of the military are being sexually assaulted and more victims are starting to come forward.

“On the other hand, while it is suspected that the great majority of the United States’ active-duty women still aren’t reporting those assaults, 4.3% of them claim they were the victims of unwanted sexual contact in the last year. Additionally, according to the findings of the Pentagon, some of those women who did report their assaults actually faced retaliation.

“Although the report is due to be publicly released on Thursday, all 136 pages of it, Newslo was able to get an exclusive peek, and some of the statistics say that, for example, in 2012, only 1-in-10 victims reported the sexual assaults. For comparison, by 2014, that number has risen to 1-in-4.

“This coincides with what the Pentagon is saying, especially because the report points to a 50% increase in the number of victims who reported the assaults between 2012 and 2013, and a further 8% leap during 2014.
However, “the US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, seems to have trouble believing the numbers and accuracy of the report.

“I know that our country’s army isn’t perfect and I’m sure that in times of war, the men and women who serve our country on foreign battlefields encounter all sorts of different problems and difficulties. But to say that US soldiers are rapists and sexual molesters? It’s outrageous!”, she said in a telephone interview.

“While I fully understand how difficult it must be to be the only girl in the unit, or to be in the minority as a sex, I won’t tolerate lying! For example, although I can only speak for myself, I’ve personally never had a problem with any of our soldiers. Not once was my ass grabbed or a whistle heard when there were army men around me, let alone something worse, and in my book, that’s proof enough that the Pentagon doesn’t have a clue what it’s saying”, she concluded vigorously.