Ryan Bans Women From Appearing Sleeveless In House Of Reps: “Strippers Are Not Welcome Anymore

Based on the whims of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), women attempting to enter the speaker’s lobby have been denied entrance based on their shoulder-baring sleeveless shirts and dresses. According to CBS News, multiple female journalists have reported that they’ve been turned away from the speaker’s lobby due to their bare shoulders – a policy not shared by either the Senate or the White House.

The new dress code appears to first have been enforced in May, when, according to the report, Independent Journal Review’s Haley Byrd was kicked out of the lobby for violating the rule. The CBS report details the experiences of another young reporter who was told she couldn’t enter the lobby because of her dress. She improvised by tearing pages from her notebook to create “sleeves” – but was still turned away.

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Ryan Bans Women Sleeveless Strippers Are Not Welcome Anymore

Commenting on the ban in question – which was not made known to those frequenting the speaker’s lobby in any way – Ryan said in an interview with portal KnowMyRepublican.com that there are some lines that “must never be crossed,” as well as that “the minute we start allowing liberal attire to be worn in places designated for strict political affairs, we will have lost the battle for this country’s wellbeing.” “Many people criticize not only President Donald Trump, but the Republican Party as well in general,” he said.

“That means they cannot tell the difference between people who became Republicans for personal gain and those that did the same so they could change this country for the better. Now, change is something that’s difficult and not always pleasant; President Trump made it known that he wants to make America great again, but what he forgot to mention was, in order for that to happen, we must first make it God-fearing again.”

Ryan Continued

“That is why we were elected, this is the first, the most important and also the most difficult task that lies ahead. Why? Because a country is not comprised of its cities, or weapons, or buildings and inanimate objects. A country is its people. And if one wants to change a country for the better, they must start by changing the people – their habits, culture, behavior, you name it.

Therefore, it stands to reason that, in order to make this country God-fearing again, one needs to remove all temptations that may lead the population to sin. I think everyone agrees that the number one sin that plagues our nation is the sin of lust and sex. Women who dress up as strippers and come to work showing their body parts are not only a distraction to the men they work with – they are also a potential reason for men to stop doing their jobs and start fantasizing about their female co-workers. So, again – remove the source of temptation and you’ll have solved the problem.”

That is Why Women who Dress up as Strippers

As well as anyone who may support what they stand for, are no longer welcome in the House of Representatives as of recently. Moreover, it has been decided that the House of Representatives will serve as an experiment to determine what sort of effect such a ban will have on the productivity and general behavior of those who work here.

If the experiment proves to be a success – which I have absolutely no doubt it will – it will be expanded to other institutions in this country. And before anyone starts pulling the gender equality card, let me just point out that the ban also extends to men who frequent the area, as they are required to wear a suit and tie at all times while here. This is just a small step on the way to changing this country for the better, and restoring it to its traditional, God-fearing values. And on a more personal note, this sort of thing makes me proud to be an American,” Ryan concluded.

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