Ryan: “Obama Vetoing Islamic Issues Is Like Hillary Clinton Trying To Veto Abortion-Related Stuff”

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to reject President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill allowing relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia, the first veto override of Obama’s eight-year-long presidency. The vote was 348-76, well above the two-thirds majority needed for an override. The Senate earlier opposed the veto by 97-1, so the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act” will become law.

Commenting on the president’s veto and the vote that subsequently allowed its override, House Speaker Paul Ryan told The Washington Post that President Obama should not have been allowed to veto the bill in the first place, because of a “conflict of interest.” “And you don’t even have to be in the Senate to understand why that’s such a big problem, all you really need is just common sense,” he said.

Ryan went on to argue that President Obama is a Muslim who has vetoed a bill in the American Congress that aimed to allow mourning Americans from suing Saudi Arabia, which is “full of terrorists and other Muslims.” “If that’s not an obvious sign as to whose side the president is on, then I don’t know what is,” Ryan said. “I really can’t understand why else a Muslim would want to protect other Muslims whom he doesn’t even know, but clearly feels some sort of kinship with.”

“So, the fact that he was able to veto the bill in the first place is just ludicrous and poses a serious problem, due to the aforementioned conflict of interest,” Ryan continued. “To put it into perspective, imagine seeing Hillary Clinton, who, as we all know, is pro-choice, trying to veto a bill that has to do with abortion. That’s the same thing; it poses the same problem and should never be allowed to happen. Unfortunately, we failed to stop that from happening with Obama.”

“You want more examples? It would be the same if Donald Trump tried to veto issuing immigration visas to top models from Eastern Europe, because he’d like to marry all of them, but vetoing their visas would work against his appetites,” Ryan added. “Or, if Hugh Hefner were to veto plastic surgeons operating in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully, you get the picture. And that’s why Barack Obama as President of the United States was never going to work despite what every Democrat thinks about their historic president. The truth is, he can be of any skin color you want; but, if he’s not Christian, or at the very least, a Jew, it’s never going to work.”

“Besides, the veto was probably one of the last things he had left in his arsenal that was going to allow him to feel strong and powerful one last time. He knew that Congress was never going to let it slide, so he decided to exercise his presidential right to veto as a desperate attempt to gain a couple more political points for Hillary Clinton. Too bad it was all for nothing,” Ryan concluded.