Scott Wagner Claims Climate Change Is Due To “Earth Moving Closer To The Sun Because Of Huge Magnets Built By Greenpeace”

A Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate said this week that global warming is caused by the Earth moving closer to the sun. NPR reports that Pennsylvania State Senator Scott Wagner on Tuesday gave a talk in favor of conducting natural gas drilling in state forests – and he justified his position by using a scientifically incorrect analysis of climate change. Specifically, Wagner said he wasn’t worried about carbon emissions leading to a warming planet because the change in the planet’s temperature was more likely caused by the Earth getting closer to the sun every year. “I haven’t been in a science class in a long time, but the earth moves closer to the sun every year – you know the rotation of the earth,” Wagner said. “We’re moving closer to the sun.”

Asked to elaborate on his incorrect claims during a subsequent interview with The Pennsylvania Herald, Wagner did the GOP thing and tried to blame it all on the “lefties who are trying to destroy America.” “You know, I kept warning both former president Obama personally and a number of his close colleagues, but my pleas continuously fell on deaf ears, unfortunately. I kept saying that we had to do something about that darn Greenpeace, about the institutionalized plague that is doing a great job at making sure America implodes from within. However, since Barack Obama was not only in cahoots with them, but an outright supporter and financier, it was a battle lost in advance,” Wagner revealed.

He continued, “So, now we’ve got a situation where Greenpeace and the liberals are actually the ones responsible for climate change, and at the same time, they’re going above and beyond to blame it on hard-working Americans and above all, the Republican Party.” Asked to explain how they’re doing it, Wagner said, “they built these huge magnets in Switzerland, these enormous underground magnets that harness solar energy, and that’s what’s actually attracting our planet closer to the sun with each rotation. And the best part is, they made sure not to do it too much at once; that way, we’re only experiencing a slow increase in global warming, as opposed to a giant leap in temperatures that could still happen if they suddenly decide to flip the switch all the way.”

“And before you ask me for any evidence, I’m going to say right away that I don’t have any. I don’t have it and nobody has it, because otherwise we’d have blown this whole thing wide open. That’s how much they hate America and that’s how much they want to enslave its people. Basically, the entire CERN Institute in Zurich, Switzerland acts as a housing for the magnets, and what you think is the so-called Large Hadron Collider is actually a series of magnets that serve to attract the earth closer to the sun, and as a result, we’re experiencing more and more global warming. And you know how they did it? It was all Albert Einstein’s design. The moment Greenpeace made the call to follow Einstein and his theories of doom instead of Tesla’s altruistic perpetuum mobile is the moment the human race signed its death sentence,” he concluded.