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Scott Walker Suggests Carving Jesus’ Face Into Mt. Rushmore “As One Of The Founding Fathers”

“There are many ways to describe South Dakota’s way of attracting millennials, and one of them is to refer to it as “out of this world.” Namely, in an attempt to re-brand the state, South Dakota’s government – with the help of a marketing firm – has launched a new ad campaign with a simple, albeit bizarre message: “Moving here is better than moving to Mars.”

““Mars. The air not breathable. The surface: cold and barren,” the commercial begins. “But thousands are lining up for a chance to go there and never come back. But wait just a minute, would-be Mars rovers. Have you considered South Dakota?” The narrator makes the pitch: “South Dakota. Progressive. Productive. And abundant in oxygen. Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?”

“While the ad is raising eyebrows, the Argus Leader detailed the painstaking process that went into this approach. The goal of the Governor’s office of Economic Development was to attract young people to a place deemed “boring.” Commissioner Pat Costello said the “hook works” with the younger generation, whom they are trying to attract.

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“Costello told the newspaper: “You can live a life here. You can have fun here. You can have a great job and go fishing and biking and hiking. The opportunities are abundant.” And then he whipped out the ad-reference: “And hey – it really is way better than Mars.”

However, it would seem that politicians aren’t just focused on the 2016 presidential elections. One of the most conservative Republicans out there at the moment, Scott Walker, Gov. of Wisconsin, apparently caught sight of the peculiar advertisement and expressed his support and personal view on the matter in an exclusive interview with Newslo.

“I am well aware that people think I’m utterly conservative. But you know what? I don’t have a problem with that, not at all,” Walker stated. “In fact, one of the most conservative, and at the same time, impressive architectural features in the world is in South Dakota and the state’s government does it justice by trying to attract more people. Mt. Rushmore is a feature unlike any other I know about, and it’s synonymous with the state of South Dakota.”

He continued: “However, I do feel that Mt. Rushmore can be improved and left to the coming generations in a more glorious state than it was left for us by our predecessors. In addition to the founding fathers of this great nation, I think that carving the face of Jesus Christ into the rock would only amplify the significance of that great monument for all true Americans, since Jesus himself was also a founding father. I truly believe that it would help sway the misguided youth of this country onto their right and honorable path.”
Walker concluded by adding: “Not to mention it would do wonders for South Dakota’s tourism revenues.”


  1. “Not to mention it would do wonders for South Dakota’s tourism revenues.”
    So would a bust of Satan, or of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Probably even more so, as there are already hundreds of monuments to Jesus all over the world. Religious expression isn’t a one-way street. Also, how is anyone supposed to know what Jesus exactly looked like, anyway?

  2. Scott Walker is simply trolling us. He’s no Christian. If he were, he’d know Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. How in the world has he pulled the wool over the eyes of his constituents. WTF is the matter with Wisconsin? WTF is the matter with all of these blathering, opportunist legislators? Jesus knows them not.

  3. Oh I’m sorry, where in the history books does it discuss Jesus comin’ over on the mayflower?
    The founding fathers did NOT utilize anything involving Jesus in the construction of this country. But hey, why bring facts into this, these are men of blind stupidity… er, faith.

  4. May as well cave Mickey Mouse,,he didnt exist for real either,,,“There are no ROMAN records in the court of Pontius Pilate of a man named Jesus Christ who was convicted,,tortured,,and put to death for his crime,,,GUESS WHAT HE IS STILL DEAD,,, Reason why conditioning minor children into and superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is child abuse and destroys ability to think critically for life.

  5. How are you carve the picture of someone you know nothing about. They can’t even get his description right. The Bible describes Jesus as bronze skin, and hair like wool. Every description they portray of jesus is purely white with his blue eyes and long straight hair. Give me a break.

  6. Jesus a Founding Father? OMG, where do people come up with this lunacy! And of course, there is the myth that America was founded as “Christian Nation”- gee- have any of these people actually read the Constitution, or the many papers and memoirs of the actual “Founding Fathers”? The only practicing Christian to sign the Constitution was John Jay!

  7. That cannot be done, since no none has seen God. It always been preconceived that he is whjte, but that is an untruth since he has never been seen. Scott’s elevator does not rise to the top. Clearly he has some screws unhinged some where.

  8. How can they carve Jesus into Mt. Rushmore if we don’t even know what Jesus looked like. Many denominations have Jesus pictures, but real Christians don’t have a picture of what they think is Jesus. Besides if men weren’t supposed to have long hair, Jesus didn’t have long hair.

  9. Did he really? Can you prove that? Not saying he didn’t but I ‘ve seen so many far-fetched claims intended to demonize conservatives that I no longer accept such stuff just because somebody on the internet makes a claim. Especially in such cases as so-called news agencies I never heard of before. Got an interview with him, did you? How did you wangle that? And the REALLY interesting thing here is, just below the two pictures, one a rendition of Rushmore with the generally accepted likeness of Jesus added, the other that of Governor Walker, I see two red boxes, one labled “Sho facts” and the other labled
    “hide facts.” I clicked on the “show facts box, and son if a gun! The first part
    of the artcle was suddenly high lighted – but the claim about the governor was not! Is that a clue as to the veracity of this artcle, or is that a clue?

  10. These kinds of comments by GOP runners fall somewhere in a continuum:

    At one end, it can be said that the person saying it really believes what they’re saying.

    At the other end, it can be said that the person saying it doesn’t actually believe it, but has been convinced that saying it has such powerful electoral suck, they should just bite the bullet, go “full humbug”, and use their awesome politician’s deadpan to say it with a straight face.

    Sometimes the person sorta believes it, but knows that it has emotional resonance with a highly-motivated voting bloc; a 50-50 case.

    I don’t think Walker believes this one, AT ALL. I think it’s case of Walker solely convinced it’ll make a big difference in the primaries.

    So all the talk in these comments to the effect of, “How can these guys actually believe this?” is really a buncha hot air. The real question is: What does it say about the Republican primaries-voting *polity* that they can get (via polster-handlers) people like Walker to humbug themselves and mouth repugnant crap like this?

  11. II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods…. Thomas Jefferson: The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom is a statement about both freedom of conscience and the principle of separation of church and state. Written by Thomas Jefferson and passed by the Virginia General Assembly on January 16, 1786, it is the forerunner of the first amendment protections for religious freedom.

  12. There are no first century witnesses outside of the corrupt and biased gospels that attest to the earthly existence of Jesus Christ, but for a forged passage in the work of the Jewish Historian, Josephus (Testamoniam Flavium), and a second reference in that same compromised work, which is also suspect and in no way represents a specific reference to the Jesus of the gospels.

    Christianity only rose to power due to its blatant disregard for its own Scripture, meaning, it aligned itself with a psychotic “pagan” emperor, Constantine, who boiled his wife in a hot tub, murdered his son and executed his co-emperor, and he merely used Christianity to solidify his political ambitions (sole emperorship), evidenced by the fact that he continued to practice his pagan faith and mint his coins with Mithras (pagan sun-god), long after his alleged conversion.

    The sect of Christians that aligned themselves with Constantine became known as the Catholic (Universal) Church and their chief historian, Eusebius, re-wrote Christian history to present a false picture that favored his sect and made it look like his group’s theology, found in our four gospels, was always the dominant and original form, when such was not likely the case.

  13. G.overnor Scott Walker consistently displays his lack of intellectual ability knowledge of history and cultural sensitivity as he opens his mouth and out spews garbage. if the good governor had taken time in his classes he would understand that Mount Rushmore was a sacred place for the Native people of the Dakotas and there is great resentment to the defacing of the sacred mountain. in addition the good governor would have been talked about the separation of church and state and that this is not a Christian founded nation but that would have required him to at least complete some form of degree of higher education

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