Sean Hannity Questions Chris Christie’s Birthplace After Decisive Victory

TRENTON, N.J. — Sean Hannity used his Wednesday radio broadcast to question the birthplace of newly reelected N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, suggesting that Christie is not only out of the “mainstream of conservatism,” he also may be ineligible for higher office.

“I don’t know what the big appeal of Christie––just based on the record––is,” Hannity told his listeners. “Christie tells us that he was born in ‘Newark,’ but let me ask you this, why does the governor refuse to specify whether that was Newark, New Jersey or Newark-on-Trent in the United Kingdom?”

According to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, only citizens or natural born citizens are eligible for the office of president.

“New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania—some of these states are not the same as red states,” claimed Hannity. “They’re just as foreign and exotic as is Hawaii, with equally shoddy record keeping.”

He went on to argue, “Barack Hussein Obama’s forged Hawaiian birth certificate may have been enough to dupe a majority of voters, but we still have time to stop Christie before he makes it all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Hannity demanded answers to questions that would help determine Christie’s true origin. “Hey Chris, [the gubernatorial] election’s over. I dare you. I dare you” to answer questions like, “What exit on the parkway? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? Sinatra or Springsteen? Who pumps your gas?”

This is not the first time Hannity has taken to the airwaves to challenge the nationality of political candidates.

Said Hannity on another broadcast, “You know, John McCain had questions about whether he was born in America. Dick Cheney had to prove his residency in Wyoming. If we want to take it back further, other presidents have been questioned about their residency. What’s wrong with asking about, ‘OK, can you just show us the birth certificate?’”

Even Alan Colmes, Hannity’s former cohost on Fox News, had trouble convincing Hannity of his background. “No matter what I said or did, neither Sean nor the viewing public would take me seriously as a proper liberal counterweight,” lamented Colmes.

Hannity made it clear that his pedigree is indisputable. “I know I was born in Metropolitan Hospital in New York, December 30, 1961. By the way, I was born to be a conservative because I was a tax deduction for that year.”

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