Sean Payton to be Highest Paid Coach in NFL After Final Bounty Program Payoff

NEW ORLEANS — Sean Payton, who will resume his title as head coach of the Saints next fall, has signed a five-year extension, which will allegedly make him the highest paid coach in the NFL at 8 million per year. Though Payton was suspended for covering up the organization’s bounty program, which ran from 2009 to 2011, the funds for his raise are the final payoff of what was popularly referred to as “Bountygate.”

General Manager Mickey Loomis and several players allegedly got together for their weekly fantasy league meeting and when the NFL shed light on the bounty scandal, drew up the terms of the payoff. The agreement read that Payton would receive 8 million per year should the organization be able to retain the Super Bowl coach after his original extension became void. A deal was reached last month and Payton reaped the benefits.