Sean Spicer: “Trump Wants To Replace Obamacare Because It Is A ‘Heartless Bill’ That Hurting Rich Americans”

Sean Spicer insisted the president wanted a health care bill with “heart,” although he admitted he wasn’t sure if anyone at the White House had seen a draft of the Republican measure. The White House press secretary delivered his first on-camera press briefing in eight days Tuesday afternoon, as questions swirled about his continued status. “The president clearly wants a bill that has heart in it,” Spicer said, referring to a report that Trump told tech CEOs the current GOP bill “needs more heart.” But Spicer admitted the president may not have seen the bill, although Trump has offered input over the phone to senators and is “very excited about where this thing is headed.”

“That’s exactly what’s wrong with Obamacare as well,” President Trump told portal in an exclusive interview late Tuesday. “Generally speaking, that seems to be the problem with most of the things that politicians are coming up with these days. To be honest, I kind of understand why that is. The mind of a politician has a unique perspective on the issues that are plaguing the American people, and unfortunately, that perspective is very different from what the people themselves are facing. Coincidentally, Obamacare is faced with the exact same problem, only in reverse.”

Asked to elaborate, Trump argued that Obamacare is “too focused” on the problems of the poor and creating affordable healthcare for those less fortunate in the country that it “neglects to keep in mind the bigger picture” and the “delicate balance” that every politician must take into account when creating any kind of legislation. “Now, I’m not a politician, so I know this might sound strange, but there’s two sides to everything, and that goes especially for healthcare,” he said. “Where do you think all that affordable healthcare comes from? Who is it that pays the bill at the end of it all? With Obamacare, it’s the employers. Sure, poor people are getting free medical help, but it’s costing the employers and ultimately the federal budget billions of dollars every year.”

“So, in that sense, Obamacare is not a better healthcare system; it’s just one that focuses on another part of the problem, but unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the problem altogether. In other words, it is just another heartless bill that is hurting American employers severely, and because of that, we need to end it and replace it with something that will do good on both ends. Since we’re always going to be allocating resources that are limited, we need to establish a difference balance. Right now, employers are paying more for poor employees and that’s wrong. I’m not saying that poor people need to fend for themselves, but on the other hand, they’re not paying any taxes or contributing anything, are they? We need to be realistic,” the president concluded.