Sen. Feinstein Proposes to Propose Assault Weapons Ban, Plans to Exempt all Assault Weapons

WASHINGTON — Remarkable history was made today as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – CA) made a proposition that will allow her to propose the idea of proposing a new Assault Weapons Ban bill. The bill would attempt to take dangerous assault weapons off the market, and exempt only around 900 guns, or 99 percent of the existing variety.

“When I think about all the horrendous massacres that could have been avoided,” says Sen. Feinstein, “I think that now is the time to talk about talking about it. Once these six guns are banned, our children and country will finally be safe.”

The yet-to-be-written bill is unlikely to pass in its intended form primarily because of tremendous resistance from the NRA, better known by many Americans as the “Not Responsible Association.”

“This is a ridiculous pre-proposed proposition,” says NRA Chief, Wayne LaPierre. “We need bigger guns. Everywhere. I’d like to see a mandatory Bring Your Gun to School Day.”