Spicer: “Trump Led BREXIT Successfully Because Of His Upper-Class, Eloquent English Skills”

During Wednesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave a strange response when European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker criticized President Donald Trump’s comprehension of world affairs. Last week, Junker warned that more countries may leave the European Union after Trump’s administration applauded Britain’s departure from the EU. “I think the president is very well steeped in world affairs, especially Europe, NATO, all of the issues,” Spicer insisted. “He was a leader in the effort to call BREXIT, as you know.”

Asked to comment on whether there was any connection between President Trump’s position on BREXIT and the fact that the majority of Britain’s citizens voted for leaving the EU, Spicer argued that the British were “smitten” with the billionaire businessman-turned-president’s language skills, and decided to hear him out. “As we all know, President Trump and citizens of the UK haven’t really gotten off on the right foot, so to speak. I think we all remember that, at one point, there was even a petition floating around to ban Donald Trump from entering Great Britain,” Spicer reminded members of the press.

“However, if you were to ask the British today how they felt about our president, I believe you would encounter very different responses,” he continued. “In my personal opinion, it is my belief that the British people became so smitten with the fact that Donald Trump at one point spoke upper-class, eloquent English that they realized he was an okay person. To make matters even more obvious, President Trump is, after all, of Scottish heritage on his mother’s side. So, there’s also that. Now, I’m well aware of the fact that the English and the Scottish don’t always see eye to eye despite being in the same union, but it would seem they have managed to find common ground when it comes to President Donald Trump.”

Asked to elaborate further on Trump’s rumored “eloquent” language skills, the press secretary argued that, even though Trump’s language was a much-disputed point during his campaign, “Donald Trump is known as an extremely hard worker and self-made billionaire.” He also said, “That’s why it comes as no surprise that he was able to improve his language to the point where he became a favorite of the citizens of the country in which our language first originated. And to put that in perspective, we’re talking here about England, which as you all know, has pretty much nothing left to show for other than it’s complicated language rules and extremely broad dictionary.”

“At the end of the day, I’m not going to say that the English voted to leave the EU because Donald Trump said it would be a good idea. However, I would like to believe that deep down, they listened to him and really heard what he was saying precisely because he was speaking very nice in their language. When you compare that to the situation in which they’re debating whether or not they’re going to let him into the country, I think that’s equivalent to climbing Mount Everest in a matter of minutes. It was a huge undertaking. And by the way, the fact that Mount Everest’s summit is just as cold as the British are towards Americans makes it all the more sweeter for him, I would imagine,” Spicer concluded.