Steve Strang: “I See No Logical Reason For Trump’s Existence, So God Must Have Raised Him To Be President”

In a recent appearance on “The Jim Bakker Show,” Charisma magazine founder and CEO Steve Strang said that it is impossible for a person with “a biblical point of view” to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a wise and “humble” man who, according to Strang, has been the candidate chosen by God to lead the nation. “I believe,, as odd as it is, that God has raised him up” just as God raised up Abraham Lincoln to save the nation, he said.

“Because, it’s either that, or I really don’t know what else,” the Charisma magazine CEO suddenly changed his tune. “If you just take a look at his track record, you can clearly see that that man has done absolutely nothing noteworthy, noble, positive, or just good during his seven decades on this Earth. Sure, he managed to increase his own wealth, but that has nothing to do with doing good deeds. And, you know, that kind of made me wonder what the purpose of such a man on this planet actually is. And I can’t find one no matter how hard I try.”

“And I don’t know who it was that said it, but I recently heard a great wisdom that describes this situation perfectly,” Strang said. “It goes something like, ‘When every possibility has been ruled out, the one that remains is, by definition, the right one.’ And that’s exactly what you have with Donald Trump. The man has never done any good with his money, he hasn’t donated to charity, hasn’t’ given away anything, hasn’t fed the hungry, hasn’t made a difference, nothing at all. Therefore, the theory that God raised him up specifically to lead America into a new golden age holds water.”

Strang then turned to one of Trump’s many exploits, the reality TV show called Celebrity Apprentice. He argued that the billionaire businessman “didn’t create any value” with it, as well as that the great majority of his projects “end up in financial disasters.” “The man was obviously never intended to be a billionaire, but by some fluke of nature or destiny managed to end up as one,” he opined. “For the sake of comparison, take a look at Bill Gates. He’s donated millions to charity and continues to do so to this day. That’s the sort of man that deserves to have tons of money.”

“It doesn’t get more obvious than this in my book,” Strang also said. “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and has a beak and feathers, it’s a duck. And if it’s a man, and he has tons of money, would rather have his eyes gouged out than part with it and has never done good in any shape or form during his lifetime – it’s Donald Trump. But hey – God knows best, right? I’m sure He has a heck of a reason why he’d want a man like that to be the next American president. Because, if anything, Trump is religious. I bet he’ll even advise charging believers throughout the country entrance to churches and mosques and synagogues after he wins. You know, out of the goodness of his heart. And a hefty percentage, as well,” he concluded.