Pastor Swanson: “Electing A Female President After A Slave President Is Part Of The Liberal War Against U.S.”

On his radio show recently, far-right pastor Kevin Swanson warned the electing Hillary Clinton to be the country’s female president would represent “the final chapter” of the feminist movement’s war against America. Swanson said that “feminism’s greatest victory” will be to take the place of men. “If they can achieve the ultimate zenith of power, this will become the final chapter, in a sense, of the present war that feminists have waged over this nation,” he said. He added that Germany, the U.K. and the U.S., “the three most powerful nations in the West during World War II,” are “birth imploding thanks to the feminists and the pro-abortion crowd.”

“It’s about time we start calling things by their true name,” Swanson called during his show. “Liberalism and its offspring, feminism, are the two greatest evils to ever plague this planet and the Western civilization, except for, maybe, same-sex marriage and homosexualism.” The pastor also argued that “dark forces have been at work aiming to destroy the West and all of its glory since the world realized how powerful and advanced First World countries can be,” and added that “they’ve refined their strategy over time. Instead of causing open war and confrontation, they’ve switched to subtle and more devious ways of realizing their plans.”

It was more than obvious that Swanson then greatly enjoyed elaborating on his vision of the “demise of modern-day America.” “And they’re very refined now, they’re pretty smart. What they’ve done is they’ve decided to make their plan a reality through stages. That way they’ve eliminated the possibility of shocking the people and potentially causing their resistance. Instead, when it comes to America, first they made sure a black person becomes President of the United States. So, first we got ourselves a slave president. And now, part two of the plan is to disguise yet another horrific thing, which is a woman president, by wrapping all of it into their favorite words as of lately, ‘historical precedent’ and ‘history in the making,’” the pastor said.

“So, what they’re doing,” he continued, “is they’re making sure we get accustomed to ‘making history’ in our lifetimes, which is just a fancy word for pushing the entire country off the edge and into the abyss, but not at once; one gentle nudge at a time.” He added that “feminists and liberals have declared war on traditional American values,” and that a female president of the United States “would be like having Lindsay Lohan as your guidance counselor.”

“Take a look at the state Germany is in today,” Swanson opined. “Chancellor Angela Merkel has single-handedly opened the door to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, so now you’ve got a mini-ISIS right smack in the middle of Germany. Do we want that? I don’t think so. Also, take a look at the U.K. They had dear, old Maggie Thatcher. And how did that work out for them? Well, they’re out of the European Union now. Brazil is no better, has anyone looked at the crime rates in that country recently? Bottom line – women presidents are the worst idea ever. We ought to have a law that forbids women from ever running for presidency for a whole plethora of reasons. Most notably? How about if they decide to nuke China just for the fun of it because they’re hormonal? How do you think that scenario would end up?” he concluded.

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