#NoNeedToSatirize: Fox host: Cut government because ‘no one’ died of starvation before welfare

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Fox Business host: Cut government because ‘no one’ died of starvation before welfare (via Raw Story )

Fox Business host John Stossel on Thursday declared that government programs should be cut based on the false assertion that “no one” died of starvation in the Great Depression before the modern “welfare state.” Stossel told the hosts of Fox & Friends that he had taken his cameras out on the…

Hosts Worried Hiring Allen West May Damage Fox News’ Credibility

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NEW YORK — Fox News hosts today openly lamented the network’s hiring of one-term Congressman and tea party favorite Allen West to be an on-air contributor, expressing concerns that it endangered the network’s reputation as a source for “fair and balanced” news and information. “Quite frankly, I don’t see how this does anything but allow people to question our integrity,” said Fox…

Palin Leaves FOX for Wendy’s to Better Spread Word, Mayo

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — In a stunning announcement today, former Half-Term Alaskan Governor and Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin informed Anchorage resident Walter Gibbons that the Spicy Chicken Go Wrap he had ordered would be slightly delayed because of Obamacare and Palin’s need to restock the cheddar cheese. “She was pretty upset to find the cheddar cheese bin empty,” said Gibbons. “One moment…