Romney Alludes to Book Of Mormon, Nearly Gets Broadway Vote

NEW YORK – Gay actors and theatre lovers alike rejoiced this morning when Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was quoted as saying that his biggest inspiration in life was “absolutely, without question, the Book of Mormon.”

As the blogosphere and social media sites began to report the news, the gay community on Broadway reacted positively to Romney’s declaration of love for what they believed was the 9-time Tony Award-winning musical, “The Book of Mormon,” which has taken Broadway by storm since its debut in 2010.

Tony host and openly gay actor Neil Patrick Harris told Newslo, “I hate the guy’s politics, but I appreciate that he can have such respect for a great musical and our art form.” Harris admits that his decision in the November election may be “tougher than I thought.”

Cheyenne Jackson, another openly gay actor who received a Drama Desk nomination for his performance in “Xanadu” and has starred on the hit sitcom “30 Rock,” also expressed newfound support for the Republican nominee. “Sure, Obama ‘personally believes’ we should be allowed to marry, but when’s the last time you saw him on the Great White Way?” Jackson asked.

A plethora of other openly gay thespians have taken to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to echo Jackson and Harris’ statements. Political commentators speculate that Romney’s remarks may mark a critical turning point in the election as he begins to establish a connection with the LGBT community, a demographic typically out of reach for conservatives.