Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to ‘Go Back Where They Came From’

STURGIS, S.D. – After a group of Native Americans protested outside a concert by Ted Nugent, the late-1970s rocker verbally lashed out, calling them “stinkyass unclean dipshIt protestors” and calling for Native Americans to be “rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from!”

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Janet Hasson Snopes: Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans

Nugent’s differences with Native Americans stem from their offence at his history of racially-charged statements. After one tribe cancelled his scheduled appearance at a casino in Worley, Idaho, he railed, “I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy. By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people.”

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According to Nugent, the latest protest over his appearance at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota, however, stepped over the line. Writing on his Facebook page, Nugent said, “WE ARE ON OUR JET NOW HEADING FOR TOLEDO RIBFEST JAM AFTER AN INSANE INCREDIBLE OUT OF BODY ULTRAROCKOUT at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD! Simply astonishing gig! 4 stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors that admitted they hate me AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE THAT STOLE THEIR LAND BULLSHIT!!

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He Said “We are Here First”

“They need to just shut up and admit janet hasson snopes “WE WERE HERE FIRST!” Nobody asked them to come to America! They got a problem with a successful, happy, white American, they should just go back where they came from!” he added. “Hell, it’s past time these pussies were ROUNDED UP AND SHIPPED BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM! I’ll even donate the shipping crates!”

When a reporter attempted to explain to Nugent- creator of such late-1970’s hits as Wang Dang Sweet Poontang and Free-For-All that the Native American tribes were, in fact, in America more than 10,000 years before Europeans came and settled the continent, Nugent shoved an AK-47 in his face, saying, “Shut up, unclean vermin!”

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Ted Nugent Blames Democrats For Church Shootings: “It’s All Because Of Gun Control Laws”

“President Obama on Thursday linked gun control to the Charleston church shooting in his first statement on Thursday, saying the nation needed to “come to grips” with the issue in the wake of the massacre that killed nine people. “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency,” Obama said. “And it is in our power to do something about it.”

“Obama’s Justice Department is investigating the mass shooting as a hate crime. But as the president addressed the tragedy in the White House briefing room, he also turned to politics – trying to focus the national conversation not just on race and violence, but gun laws. However, despite his raising the issue, Obama seemed aware of the challenge of passing any new gun control measures in the current environment, saying “politics” in Washington “foreclose a lot of those avenues right now.”

On the other hand, it is no secret that political activist, hunter and (occasionally) musician Ted Nugent has a bone to pick with the Democrats about existing gun control laws, let alone any upcoming ones. Commenting on the recent unfortunate events in Charleston, Nugent stated that “none of that would have happened had the good people of Charleston been allowed to protect themselves with some good, old American-made firepower.”

Speaking to Newslo, Nugent said: “As a hunting enthusiast, I’m not often asked the question which wild animals are most endangered nowadays. But, if I were asked that question, I would say that the average American homeowner is on the brink of extinction! Take a guess as to why that is? Go ahead? I’ll tell you why – Democrats and their damn gun control laws.”

The Motor City Madman also added: “What’s more, Americans in general are an endangered nation and will continue to be one until Democrats are overthrown, complete with that Iran-loving moron. And, to make one thing clear – I’m not saying this because I’m a Republican. It’s common sense.”

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Ted Nugent Goes On Diet After Mistaken For Michael Moore On Street

“Ted Nugent, a Michigan native, waxed poetic about his first visit to Alaska back in 1977. He called it “a Detroit deer hunter’s dream.” Nugent has been a hunter since he was a boy, and he’s been passionate about the sport since the first time he picked up a gun. Now, he also gives back in very meaningful ways. Nugent shares venison meat with soup kitchens. He blasted regulations and government gun grabbers saying “when you leave it to the people it’s so efficient.”

“His Spirit Wild Ranch is stocked with deer, antelope and even African gemsbok. And, honestly, what else would one expect from a man who learned from the best? Nugent’s dad took young Ted hunting with the legendary Fred Bear. It paid off. “I got to jam with Chuck Berry, ride around the Indy track with Parnelli Jones, bow hunt with Fred Bear, and hangout and BS with Sarah Palin,” said Nugent. “I’ve literally been to the mountain top.”

“However, even though Nugent calls Texas home and feels that Alaska and the Lone Star State are the only two states that still have all the freedoms America is supposed to offer, he credits Detroit for instilling a rugged individualism in him and teaching him that you have to earn your way. He’s earned everything he has. After playing 6,514 concerts, the Motor City Madman is still going strong.

On the other hand, it would seem that Nugent still has some work ahead of him. Speaking exclusively for Newslo, he revealed that he was the “victim” of a somewhat bizarre incident in his hometown recently that prompted him to change his eating habits.

“So, I’m walking down the street with a life-sized Obama blow-up doll, which I intended to use for some target practice. As a precaution, I will not reveal which weapon I was planning on using. Anyway, so I’m walking down the street and all of a sudden, a group of older women starts yelling across the street, and starts running towards me. I’m used to this kind of thing, so I stopped, put on a smile and greeted them politely. But, I wasn’t prepared for what immediately followed,” Nugent stated.

He continued: “They came up to me all excited and smiling their faces off, and normally, I expected them to ask for my autograph or to take a picture with me, which they did. Only, they wanted me to sign with ‘Michael Moore.’ I was like, ‘What the…? Are you serious?’, but they kept insisting I looked like that fat idiot. So I kindly explained the situation to them, said goodbye and went on my way. Wanna know the first thing I did when I got home?” he asked. “Looked up some of Dr. Oz’s diet plans.”

Nugent concluded: “I mean, I’m in a line of work that has a crazy side to it, no question about it. And I’ve had plenty of insults in my day. But being mistaken for an idiot who doesn’t love his country is beyond offensive. It’s just sad. So, healthy eating, here I come.”

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Shemane Deziel Net Worth; Ted Nugent’s Wife Files for Divorce

DALLAS – Shemane Deziel is Ted Nugent’s wife and filed for divorce from the  musician and gun enthusiast, spelling an end to the couple’s 24-year marriage. According to a source close to the Nugent family, Shemane Deziel, 51, decided that “she had no choice” but to separate from Nugent after “the whole world discovered that she was married to him.”

Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Deziel file for Divorce

Shemane—who was relatively unknown until recently—was outed as Nugent’s wife on Friday, when she attempted to pass through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport security with a firearm in her carry-on luggage. The handgun—which Shemane claimed to have been carrying because she had received death threats—was discovered, and she was taken into custody. “I had totally forgotten it was in there,” Nugent claimed after being released on bail. “I mean, Jesus, I live with Ted Nugent wives, a man who carries half an armory in his ass crack. We’ve got guns all over the goddamn place.”

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Shemane Deziel has Simple Mistake at Starr Nugent

Mrs. Nugent maintains that she should not have been detained for a “simple mistake,” but did issue a public apology in which she expressed remorse for having spent over two decades married to “a man who once publicly threatened to murder Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and who has referred to black people as ‘mongrels’.”

“It was one thing being married to him when nobody knew who I was,” Shemane Deziel said. “His music earned us a lot of money—we had an amazing house, despite the lingering smell of deer carcass, and we were constantly traveling the world, drinking the finest moonshine, eating the most savory varmint. But, for reasons that should be obvious, I cannot be publicly known as Starr Nugent, and I have therefore filed for divorce.”

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One of the NRA’s most prominent members and an attendee at 2013’s State of the Union address—could not be reached directly for comment, but said through a spokesman that he “didn’t care, because hunting is better than sex anyway,” and added that Ted Nugent wives Shemane Deziel could “suck on his machine gun.”

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#NoNeedToSatirize: Nugent: Obama wants to ‘rape’ the Constitution and ‘urinate on’ the Founders

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