Tantaros Suggests “Sending Syrian Refugees To The Tropical-Paradise-Guantanamo-Prison”

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros lashed out at President Barack Obama over his plans to close what she said was a “tropical paradise” at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center in Cuba. On Monday, Obama announced plans to transfer all remaining detainees from Gitmo before the end of his term, and described the prison as “contrary to American values.” Although the president discussed transferring the remaining prisoners to other facilities, Tantaros warned on Tuesday that they would end up “back on the battlefield.”

“And where do you think that battlefield is? That’s right, same place where we had 9/11 – our country!” Tantaros raged. “I don’t think our forefathers had this in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. I mean, everybody knows what that document says about the people of this planet, but somehow I don’t think that applies to murderers, terrorists and criminals, and especially not foreign ones whose only purpose in life is to blow themselves up and take as many American lives with them as they possibly can. I don’t know, but I think they’re turning in their graves at the sight of what our ‘President’ is doing. Then again, I also doubt it was ever in their wildest dreams for America to have a black president at some point, but we’ve been there, done that.”

The sharp-tongued Fox Host, who is known for her criticism of President Obama, went on to say that even though closing Gitmo is a “catastrophe” and “an open invitation to terrorists,” she also brought forth a theory as to how the space could potentially be used. When co-host Harris Faulkner asked her what she had in mind, Tantaros replied, “It’s simple. Let’s settle all those Syrian refugees there, you know, the ones who are on their way here believing that we’ll just welcome them with open arms and give them the keys to our country.”

“Think about it,” she continued. “Regardless of whether we have a prison there or not, which we obviously won’t pretty soon, it’s still a tropical paradise. Why not settle all the refugees there? It’s the perfect solution – it’s hot, so the climate will be similar to that of Syria, there’s plenty of space, I mean, it’s not like the Cubans will complain or have a say in it, for that matter, and at the same time – they’ll be out of our hair. Somebody else’s concern, you know what I mean? And if they start complaining, we’ll just quietly point to the ships and the ocean, and they’ll know that it’s either Cuba or back to the Middle East. Somehow, I know which I’d choose if I were them. And besides – it’s not like Castro is going to complain about it either, right?”