Ted Cruz: “Atheist Taliban Are A Greater Threat Than ISIS”

“After Jan Mickelson, the conservative Iowa talk radio host, caused a national controversy when he suggested that states enslave undocumented immigrants who refuse to leave, asking “What’s wrong with slavery?,” Sen. Ted Cruz joined Mickelson’s program to discuss his upcoming rally in Iowa which will bring together various supposed victims of anti-Christian persecution. Mickelson asked Cruz to discuss his fight against the “brazenness of the atheist Taliban” and the fact that “anytime they furrow their brow at anyone [people] fold up and go home and give them what they want.”

“Cruz, who has previously railed against what he called a gay “jihad” against Christians, apparently liked Mickelson’s phrase, and took it up while describing his work fighting against church-state separation efforts. “There is an assault on faith and an assault on religious liberty that we see across this country and it has never been as bad as it is right now,” he said, claiming that “radical atheists and liberals” are “driving any acknowledgment out of the public square.”

Cruz went on to opine that “compared to some of the other threats America is constantly faced with, this is one that is beginning to worry me the most.” Mickelson inquired, “You mean, threats like illegal immigrants?” Cruz responded by saying, “Yes, but more importantly, ISIS. I believe that ISIS is the single greatest terrorist threat designed by president Obama and a threat that could potentially wreak havoc on American soil and pretty soon. Now, if I’m putting that in second place on my top list of things to worry about as an American, you can pretty much draw the conclusion for yourself.”

Mickelson interjected and added that, in his personal belief, “there are equally dangerous threats to America in the country itself, as well as half way around the world, where ISIS is.”

“Well, you see, that’s the thing: we would all like to believe – actually, we would feel more comfortable and safe believing – that ISIS is half way around the world. The trouble is, it’s not. And with atheist Taliban who are chipping away at America’s God-given right to exercise its religious freedom and worship the Lord, I predict very troublesome times ahead. Honestly, I am personally less threatened by ISIS – we know we can use guns and the military to fight them. But, how do you fight atheists? You can’t use guns,” Cruz argued.

“I’d sure like to try,” Mickelson said, once again forgetting himself (or not). “I can certainly understand you,” Cruz responded. “It’s not like I’m of a different opinion, but political correctness is something that is required of us in this day and age. I can only say it’s too bad the same doesn’t apply for domestic terrorists who call themselves atheists.”

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