Ted Cruz: “I Am Trying To Convert 10 More Million People To Evangelism So I’ll Win In A Landslide”

Glenn Beck dedicated his entire television program recently to a one-on-one interview with Sen. Ted Cruz in which the GOP presidential hopeful once again declared that mobilizing right-wing Christians is the key to solving the nation’s problems, proclaiming that if his campaign can mobilize 10 million more Christians to vote in the 2016 election, he will win it in a landslide.

Beck noted that Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father and chief surrogate, is out on the campaign trail on his behalf, working to motivate pastors to mobilize their congregations to vote because supposedly “54 million Christians didn’t vote last time around” and so the key to a Cruz election victory lies in “waking the churches up.”

“I mean, religion and politics have always been closely intertwined, even in ancient Rome. I makes perfect sense that the politicians of today are using the same battle-proven methods that were used so many times over the centuries,” Cruz told Beck.

“As for my father,” Cruz continued, “It is true; I told him that we need to put the C back in Christian and take charge with everything we’ve got and the people will hopefully recognize that. And my strongest weapon in that battle? Christianity itself, of course.”

Beck then asked Cruz how he plans to use a religion to his advantage, to which Cruz replied: “I’m not; my dad already is. As we speak, he is going around the country, baptizing people from all walks of life and making them into Christians. It is with their votes that I will finally become president of the United States. And you know something? I’ve set my sights on a landslide, and Christianity is going to help me there. I fact, I’m thinking evangelicals, specifically. They’re the ones who’ll push me through the home stretch.”