‘Ted Cruz’ Coloring Book Teaches Children how to Shame Atheists, Euthanize the Uninsured

ST. LOUIS – A new coloring book for kids published by a Missouri based company is attracting controversy this week. Titled “Cruz to the Future,” the coloring book—which tells the story of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)—includes lessons on how to “shame atheists into leaving America” and advises that “people without health insurance should simply be allowed to die.”

The book’s publisher, Wayne Bell of Really Big Coloring Books, said that he hopes that young readers will enjoy coloring-in scenes from Ted Cruz’s life, and believes that they will become “real Americans in the process.” “We tried to take Senator Cruz’s life and worldview and cram it into a short primer on being a patriotic American,” Bell said. “After all, it’s never too early to teach kids how Obamacare is ruining our country.”

Indeed, the coloring book hails Sen. Cruz for his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, and tells kids that “millions of citizens believe Obama Care is worse than any war… At least American soldiers have weapons with which to defend themselves.”

The book suggests that, instead of working to extend health insurance to all Americans, children should strive for universal coverage by “simply letting the people who don’t have coverage die off one by one.”

“If they need a little push making their way into Heaven, that okay too,” the book says. “Jesus will understand if you help them ‘fall’ down a flight of stairs. It’s what Uncle Cruz would do!”

The book—which paints President Obama as a man with “’consistent disregard’ for constitutional rights”—also features a section on the nation’s “national motto”—In God We Trust—in which they can color in the Ten Commandments. “Don’t ever let anyone tell you this isn’t a Christian country,” the book warns. “In fact, America would be a much nicer country if all the atheists and Muslims went away.”

Really Big Coloring Books has published controversial material in the past, including a book about 9/11 that many accused of spreading Islamaphobia, but “Cruz to the Future” is the first coloring book released by the company that gives children lessons on how to kill people and expel “undesirables” from the country.

Critics are calling the book “disgusting” and “offensive” but “not particularly surprising.”

Senator Cruz, reached for comment, stressed that he was not personally involved in the coloring book’s publication, but did say that some of its content is “admirable.”

“Sure, it’s a bit hyperbolic at times,” Cruz said. “But it’s a pretty good read. Someday, if one these little readers becomes president, I know I’ll be a happy old man.”

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