Ted Nugent: “Those Homos Willingly Committed Suicide By Not Carrying Guns”

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, Ted Nugent has a WND column calling out “losers” and “helpless sheep” who don’t want to be armed and are therefore making an “irresponsible, suicidal choice that will get you killed.” He declares, “I smell dirty, rotten, anti-American, criminal-loving, constitutional oath-violating infringement running amok where the Second Amendment no longer exists. That’s what I smell.”

“And just when you morons start thinking how you’ve finally got an argument that’s going to prove your point, another terrorist attack happens, innocent people die, and once again it turns out Ted Nugent was the one telling it like it is, and more importantly, how it should be,” the Motor City Madman also wrote. “Mind you, I don’t perceive gays as innocent people at all, but just because they’re sick in the head doesn’t mean they’re any less American because of it.”

Nugent then argued that the whole Orlando, Florida shooting, which took place in the night between Saturday and Sunday at a popular gay night club, “could have ended before it even started” had the people who were killed been carrying firearms. The death toll has exceeded 50 lives, and although Nugent’s motives are understandable, it is the manner in which he chooses to express them that is questionable at best.

“Those idiot homos practically killed themselves by choosing not to have a gun on them at all times,” the guitarist continued blasting away. “I don’t like f*gs any more than I like democrats, but when it’s all said and done, I still like them better than Muslims and illegal immigrants. And given the amount of hatred that is pointed towards these people on a daily basis, you’d think they have at least an ounce of caution in them. If I was gay in America today, and thank God I’m not, but if I was, I’d even take out the trash looking like Rambo.”

“Those homos signed their death warrant the second they went into that joint unarmed. Moreover, what kind of person opens up a gay nightclub in the middle of a peaceful, family area of Orlando and doesn’t make sure to have a nuclear arsenal at the ready?! Even regular bars have a shotgun or two. It would have been wise to install metal detectors at the front door as well. I’m also thinking about a cavity search before entry, but I just remembered – the damn homos would enjoy that too much, and then you might as well call it a queer brothel,” the musician added.

He concluded by writing, “Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for getting rid of gays, but not like this. Not with this much blood and risk of hurting normal straight people. Plus, they also died at the hands of a Muslim terrorist who, from what I hear, had ties with ISIS. That’s no way to go, even for homos. If we want to get rid of them, we should have an American do it. In a Sherman tank. While ‘Stranglehold’ is blasting through the speakers. Because we always clean up our own backyard. That’s the American way.”

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