Ted Nugent: “Soulless Jewish Sheep Are Behind Gun Control So They Could Put Us In Camps”

NRA board member Ted Nugent recently posted an anti-Semitic meme to his Facebook page suggesting that gun control is a Jewish plot. Nugent then followed that first meme by posting a photo of Nazi soldiers rounding up Jewish families, whom he called “soulless sheep to the slaughter.” The meme claimed that America is on “the same path” as Nazi Germany.

“Just take a look at what’s happening in our country today. We are transitioning from a country that supported the liberty to bear arms into a country that suffocates the very freedoms that make us who we are, including the God-given right to use a firearm to protect yourself, your family and your property. We are being denied the very thing that makes America great, and it’s all because of Jews,” Nugent opined.

When asked why Jews would want to make sure that there are no guns in American homes, the Motor City Madman replied, “Well, isn’t it obvious? They’re doing to us the very same thing that was done to them during WWII. They’re systematically changing the law so in order to make the job easier for themselves, and once they accomplish that, I can guarantee that they’ll start rounding up innocent, gun-loving Republicans and putting us in concentration camps. As if we’re not already being treated as mere cattle.”

“I’ll tell you,” Nugent continued, “I was listening to Donald Trump’s speech the other day and I liked it when he said that political correctness is what’s killing this country. That’s so true, and gun control is the perfect example of that. Here we have the Jews, using political correctness and supposed dangers of owning weaponry as a disguise to strip Americans of firearms, thus ensuring that Obama and ISIS, which he single-handedly created, have a clear path to settle hundreds of thousands of alleged refugees in America. If that’s not an obvious attempt to re-create what was going on in Nazi Germany, I don’t know what is.”

He added, “If this goes on, we’ll have nothing left to defend ourselves when the Muslims and Jews start wreaking havoc all up in here, and I ain’t havin’ that. I’m telling you, making gun ownership illegal is only the first step. They’re already putting things in motion to settle undercover ISIS terrorists here, and as the cherry on top of that delicious cake, they’re going to start rounding up Republicans initially, and then all other Christian Americans into concentration camps, where we won’t be able to oppose them. That’s their plan, and if you’ve got even an ounce of brain in your head, you’ll see that I’m telling the truth. The Jews are not only in on it; they’re orchestrating the whole thing. And all I know is – I’m not a soulless sheep. Are you?”

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