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Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to ‘Go Back Where They Came From’

STURGIS, S.D. – After a group of Native Americans protested outside a concert by Ted Nugent, the late-1970s rocker verbally lashed out, calling them “stinkyass unclean dipshIt protestors” and calling for Native Americans to be “rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from!”

Nugent’s differences with Native Americans stem from their offence at his history of racially-charged statements. After one tribe cancelled his scheduled appearance at a casino in Worley, Idaho, he railed, “I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy. By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people.”

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According to Nugent, the latest protest over his appearance at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota, however, stepped over the line. Writing on his Facebook page, Nugent said, “WE ARE ON OUR JET NOW HEADING FOR TOLEDO RIBFEST JAM AFTER AN INSANE INCREDIBLE OUT OF BODY ULTRAROCKOUT at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD! Simply astonishing gig! 4 stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors that admitted they hate me AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE THAT STOLE THEIR LAND BULLSHIT!!

“They need to just shut up and admit WE WERE HERE FIRST! Nobody asked them to come to America! They got a problem with a successful, happy, white American, they should just go back where they came from!” he added. “Hell, it’s past time these pussies were ROUNDED UP AND SHIPPED BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM! I’ll even donate the shipping crates!”

When a reporter attempted to explain to Nugent- creator of such late-1970’s hits as Wang Dang Sweet Poontang and Free-For-All that the Native American tribes were, in fact, in America more than 10,000 years before Europeans came and settled the continent, Nugent shoved an AK-47 in his face, saying, “Shut up, unclean vermin!”

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  1. Well as a 1/2 Native American, I would love for my people to go back where they came from. Of course he doesn’t need to worry about the cost of shipping crates. Most of us can drive there. The only question I’d have for Mr.Nugent is how fast can he get his ignorant red neck ass off of our property?

  2. Ted Nugent: It is sad that You see yourself as a representation of America. You my friend are the exact representation of What is wrong with America today. The land You walk upon carries the bones of my ancestors. The ones who where here 10,000 years before your greedy ancestors laid eyes upon it. Tread softly for You have no idea the repercussion of your actions/words. We are IDLE NO MORE, we are THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT, we are the unrecognized warriors the decendants of great warriors, we are and have always been…..the people of this land! So I say to you, if You don’t respect our land we gladly invite You to return to yours. We will gladly donate a ship!

  3. NOW! LOOK what happens when you believe that BS about native americans being Mongalian and coming from a land bridge is total bullshet . BEFORE any Mexican ,Viking, whiteman, Spaniard came an claimed California or any of the USA , ALL OF America WAS NATIVE AMERICAN LAND FIRST! BEFORE ANY Mexican claimed California it was first NATIVE AMERICAN LANDS and always will be. B4 any white man claimed the USA <ALL OF America and most of mexico today was NATIVE AMERICAN LANDS before any other cultures invaded us native America. Native Americans been here in beginning of time so stop that BS about being Asian and Mongolian , idiots…

  4. I defend Ted Nugent because of the idiot remarks i see on these comments…and i realize most don’t read, don’t understand anything, jump to conclusions on every situation without research on anything they read, Just people that don’t know the real truth, and are quick to judge and hate. Sometimes a mans life is ruined because of the lack of knowledge by the accuser!

  5. Ok, I’m so sick of this crap, I’m a 39 year old Native American, I have been blessed to have learned my heritage and taught our ways, I go to pow wows andmy family we are proud of what our ancestors have give us. My grandmother has always said that some people will be ignorant of our culture and they can even be hateful, but when they do, just smile cause no matter how much they hate or be ugly they will never be able to take away our heritage, she has made sure that my sister’s and myself all got an education, so we could live in todays world. I can say Ted really did miss some history lessons, but you know what, he does not matter, he is not cool, he is not brave, he doesn’t know sacrifice, he is not any kind of hero. He is just a old singer, and I have more respect for our homeless vets. Than him so I take my grandmother’s advice and I will smile cause he is nothing unless we allow him to be.

  6. Simple solution stop buying his music continue to boycott concerts as a full blood Native Elder we have dealt with this for centuries it is nothing new to me or my ancestors he needs to know We are not afraid or threatened by him or his words and we are Not Going Anywhere anytime soon he is a little man trying to be a big man so Mr Nugent get over the your self when you die this is the only legacy people will remember Hate Ho!

  7. I use to love tunes like stranglehold,catscatch fever etc !! Ever since he started opening his big fat fucking yapper i stopped ! Be turned out to be a real fucking weirdo man ! Kowones coming to get your gunes and Obama is not muslim you asshole! he same from a white womb !!!and was raised by his christian granparents !geddy take the cock out of your mouth and go love someone !! piece of shit racist!! You lost another fan u faggot

  8. Hahahahahaha. I love this kind of thing, redneck stupidity at its finest. I wish there was a show or a channel on YouTube or something where this kind of dumb fucks were encouraged to go on rants and explain their views of the world. They would be invited to the show given some moon shine and encouraged to speak their tiny twisted minds. We should start a kick-starter campaign to fund this, it would be the best comedy in the world.

  9. David Neilsen, you sir are a piece of shit. Your reporting is pathetic. YOU TWIST THE TRUTH just to get people fired up. We can see that you hate Ted and thats fine, just try reporting the whole story with the facts. Not some twisted version. Thank You.

  10. For those of you getting all worked up about this article, this site is a SATIRICAL SITE. For those of you who don’t know what “satirical” is, that means that it’s fake. I can’t stand Ted Nugent, but I can’t stand ignorance and the swift nature with which most Americans will believe anything published on the “Internets” #CheckYourFacts

  11. All I know is this coo-coo WASICU needs to go back to his homeland and i will gladly pay for the free crate!!! And if he don’t know what WASICU is, then look it up lame ass, boring MUSICAN WHO NEEDS TO retire old balls music!!!! LMAO, now let us quit giving him publicity for his OLD, lame music! He needs help for his rredneck/racist syndrome!!! Lol

  12. Racist people. You make me sick. Even I’m today’s society white people still believe they are the more dominate race when in fact your lead by a black guy. FUCK all of you who think Indians are gross and vermin.. white people made natives out to be like that.. slavery and residential schools..

  13. Im from the uk and even.i know that the reason they’re called native Americans is because it is their land always has been always will be no matter who put their name to it! I was irish born and no matter if the queen rules northern ireland it will always be our land … its down to ignorance and arrogance and the fact he is a giant sized prick x

  14. Ted Nugent belongs behind bars.He has had sex with minors.Even sings about it in his songs,and still he gets to breath free air with the rest of us.Nugent needs to go back were ever he comes from.I am part Indian and darn proud of it.Wouldn’t Nugent just fill his pants if he was related to The President.Or better yet one of President Jeffersons grandchildern from his black slaves!

  15. Speaking of unclean assholes……Teddy boy admitted that he had one when he was busy dodging the draft back during Viet Nam. He also admitted to being a child molester. But…..that seems to be the kind of people the republicans are clinging to these days. Back during Viet Nam, he was considered to be scum by the war hawks of the republican party. Now he’s their hero. But, ya know, he’s really still nothing but scum.

  16. well some of you need to watch your own racist comments too. the ones talkin shit about all white people, not alllll white people are racist, i was born here, my dad came from italy and worked his ass old school on the railroad,harder than most of you in your whole lives, lots of you push a pen and sit at a desk while my dad and grandpa helped build this counrty with the rail roads. natives,you all need to stop living in the past and look towards the future,you cant bring back the past. ted nugent might have said them things,might not have, anyone can make shit up on the internet, i dont hate the guy for what he said,and i have some indian in me from my moms side. your all getting worked up over 1 guys words if they are true or not. washington redskins, few of you are pissed off at the name, who the fuk cares,its a name, most indians i know take no offense to it cause they love football. so stop fukn crying over a name, theres other names too like chicago blackhawks,cleveland indians,seminoles,kc chiefs,braves,ect,ect, and college team,high school teams, who the fuk cares, i just lmao at all of you getting worked up over this little bit of news on the WEB. stupid people believe what they see and read everyday on this. what would you all do without the internet,send smoke signals. years advanced in time,computers ect. you all drive cars,trucks,motor boats, not,horses,canoes,live in solid homes, not tee pees. this isnt 1855 were your people once lived,thats the past,not the present or future. gov came in,made laws,controlled land, gave your people rez to live on, you have alot more freedom than the white people, you can hunt,fish on rez and on public land, whites cant hunt on the rez, or use fishing nets. and the rez close to me,i seen piles of empty whiskey,and beer bottles that your people dump after they get drunk at 9 am ,see 10-12 indians standing around them piles drinking more. take care of your people and your so called land. i remember that old commercial on T V with the indian crying cause his land was littered with trash,but some of you dont know, your people litter too.Ted is 1 man that your all worked up over,who cares,get on with your lives,i do, im getting ready for work,you know, a job to support my family and bills,i dont get free money,i earn it.

  17. Wow what an idiot… How could someone so damn dumb make any money… We need less people with double IQs and triple digit incomes in this country… Idiot needs to go back to where his people comes from… Along with everyone reading… All of you just piss the hell off and leave the US to the natives.

  18. Top ten things Natives should say to white folk!

    01. How much white are you?
    02. I’m part white myself you know.
    03. I learned all your peoples ways in the boy scouts.
    04. My great-great grandmother was a full blooded white American Princess.
    05. Funny, you don’t look white.
    06. I’m not racist my best friend is white!
    07. Do you live in a covered wagon?
    08. What’s the meaning behind the square dance?
    09. Can I touch your facial hair?
    10. Hey can I take your picture?

    LMAO hahahaahahahahaha!

  19. Ted is a bit out there, it’s amazing to watch a story unfold like a game of telephone in high school. In Ted’s defense he claims that the protesters he called vermin were an outside group not at all affiliated with any Native American tribe and that he has nothing but love for his blood brothers. I couldn’t care less about Ted’s opinions and I am not supporting him, I just find the media in general to be a scary place of viral malapropisms.

  20. Wow go back to where they belong?? really…now this no account nugent ted is the true dipshit…how can Native people go, when they are where they belong. Seems to me not too long ago ancient remains were found and traced to Native lineage. This ted dude is the one who should take a one canoe trip back across the ocean where his pilgrims came from. As far as I am concerned he has no culture, he can’t sing if his life depended on it. I am willing to bet he could trace his roots to the land of idiots..


  22. You know there are plenty more racist types out there. Ted is just like the first wave. So if native people are going to overcome racism then we need to dig our pits a little deeper and hunker down lol.

    This is not over by a long shot. Native should prepare for greater arguments. They (racists) have not even sent their speakers yet. This ain’t over.

    I am looking at the long road and I wanna see native pride back on top.

  23. Fucc this mother fuccer im full blooded NATIVE AMERICAN ima stand up for my race cuzz his dumb ass dnt kno shit bout history ig I tell him “were we came from” we was here befo yal even touch this land! We own tell we got screws over. I proud to be NATIVE AMERICAN this is for all the tribes ou there we gota stand up for our selves n say enough is enough

  24. Kind of funny that he’s still trying to sing his music out there, but the only places he could schedule gigs at are on the Indian reservations…. Where their money is good enough to take but are low life’s to him…. Hummmm there goes his bread and butter, cause he’s been all washed up for years and no one but the natives wanted to go to his concerts…

  25. IDEAS ……………………
    Transform Big Bend National and State park in Texas that runs along the Mexico Border into a Game Reserve like Kruger park in South Africa. Fence the entire Park and introduce Lions, Rhinos, Elephants and other endangered species from around the world. Place hotels on the perimeter of the park for extra revenue. Great for Tourism and no illegals or Drug runners will dare jump the fence. You could even release a couple of thousand Crocodiles in the rio grand river so people will think twice about swimming over.

    Build the largest deportation, detention center on the Arizona border with airstrip for processing all illegal immigrants. Attach a border patrol training operations center beside it.

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    They can also build Kit homes for the Boarder Patrol and build communities around the prisons complexes for the homeless and feed them with money donated by Charities, we don’t pay the prisoners but we give them Cable TV, better food/accommodation . And with good behavior and hard work they can get time off.
    Also when released part of the deal is that they will get a years free rent and food/clothing allowance to help them start a new life as 60% re offend. Also the government will pay 30% of there pay check for the first year to encourage employers to employ them. Tax the money sent into prisoners for buying treats at canteen from family members .

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    We have over 200 different sign languages in the world for the Deaf people, What If the UN comes together and creates one sign language, then every school/college kid in the world learns it, So in 15 years where ever you travel we can communicate with each other, even if we don’t speak the same language. Would help with Business,Relationships, Travel, Red Cross, Un solders.

    Any american who collects benefits, such as Food stamps, Welfare etc, must work a couple of days a week. drive around with parking inspectors marking cars or where ever you live, you must sweep and pick up the trash with in 3 blocks of your address also help out at meals on wheels.

    Drivers licences should cost $200, but you get $50 off if you donate blood another $50 off if you tick Organ donor on your license and another $50 off if you get a HIV and STD test.

    Why because 20 million STD,s are passed every year and if not treated, can have serious health effects that cost our country a lot more in the long run, this can also save life’s if the person finds out they have aids before infecting others.

    Donating blood will help the red cross from driving around trying to get people to donate and it will also help to have your blood type on your license incase you are in a accident.

    So now your license is $50 this and the ones that don’t want the discount will pay for the above programs.


  26. I think if everyone actually looked at the facts artifacts spell out the Vikings were here, and Europeans were also here before and during the time the Indians were here. The ownership of the land is more of a problem of where u came on shore at. Whoever or wherever doesn’t matter really. It’s everyone’s land by now and this bs should stop. Just wanted to clear the uneducated thoughts up for those of you who thought you knew what the books just assumed when we were all taught. It’s also kind of funny how everyone is at each other’s throats when there’s money to be made, but then when someone attacks us were all of a sudden united lol. Grow up lol.

  27. Well Dip Shit Stinky Ass Ted Nugent I am a white man and the Native American’s you are talking about are where they came from. You should go back to where you came from. The white man did steal this land from them. Then on top of that the Government has screwed them out of all the money they owe to the Tribes for the Treaties they have broke. You Teddy Boy let your hummingbird mouth overload your alligator ass.

  28. Well he may have good energy but no brain lol if it weren’t for christopher columbus. His ancestors would have died from the black plague and starvation. Which in this case the native americans saved him and his family from the unclean, rat infested, diseased world, they called home

  29. I AM CHEROKEE INDIAN HALF,,BUT MY FAMILY COMES FROM NORTHERN MICHIGAN IN WHICH MANY OF MY ANCESTOR S WERE RAPED,TORCHURED AND KILLED OFF DO TO THE SO CALLED DICOVERY OF AMERICA BY EUROPE…Why dont Ted or any other person that is confused in life be rallied up and sent back to Europe,,just 🙂 🙂 :-)God bless Native America

  30. Pray for peace in this soul’s heart. Theodore Anthony, son of Marion and Warren has a gift and talent from God. We influence the others around us in our lives and we can choose love from God. Or we can choose fear, anger, resentment and hatred. Ted seems to always choose the latter. Pray that his mind and heart open to the former.

  31. Ye know wot Pukegent,I would lovvvvvvvvve for ye to say that shit to my youngest son who is 1/2 Native who also is a extreme box kicker,he would take ye ugly arse out with one kick,unlike ye he has respect for animals,in other words he doesnt kill them for pleasure,gawds blood ye are so dam ugly inside and out!

  32. What? This is an arrogant arrogant worms! he go back in under the gallows, which is similar to the ancestor with the new refugee world. the Indians were able to live together with nature, not in terms of the animals were killed. who are those who are killed by the thousands the number of bison has been hump ( ?? ), because only the smoothest part? in order to obtain food for the Indians do not! What a disgusting figure!

  33. Ted Nugent: Great White Asshole
    Ted Nugent, Rebel Flag, M-16, and an American Indian Headdress. Kind of says it all.
    Ted Nugent, Rebel Flag, M-16, and an American Indian Headdress. Kind of says it all.
    I watched a Glenn Beck interview with Ted Nugent today where he said, ” I can’t understand why people say I am racist against American Indians I live my life more native than the Indians themselves”
    Really? Really? You wear a Chief’s headdress on stage with a rebel flag, an M-16, and you don’t see why anyone calls you a racist?
    First, Rebel Flag. RACIST
    Second, Wearing a Faux American Indian Chiefs Headdress? RACIST.
    Third, Wearing the Rebel Flag and the Chief’s Headdress together? RACIST AS HELL.
    Fourth, Angry white man who hates poor people stomping around with a M-16. a rebel flag, and a faux chief”s Headdress?RACIST AS IT CAN BE.
    It is amazing Ted, that you cannot see this on your own. I have a personal story about Ted Nugent being a racist. Here it is:
    I have known Ted Nugent was an asshole since 1992 at the Republican Convention in Houston. Nugent showed up at the “Free Speech” zone with a camera man in tow and was working for MTV “Rock the Vote. I will never forget it . I was on MTV for a week being interviewed by Ted Nugent. The back story was never told. Here it is.
    As Nugent was swaggering around the convention site, the KKK came around the area in a school bus painted camouflage green and with a big sign on the side that read. “Ku Klux Klan, Thank God for Aids”. I will remember it as if it were yesterday, I saw Ted recognize the KKK bus and then said to his camera man, “I love that sign on that bus man”. I was immediately pissed and looking to confront him.

    So ask your self this. How could I have made this story up?

    I cannot find the video clip where Nugent interviewed me but ask yourself this, you see the video above and see that there was a bus owned by the KKK with the sign. You can see the video of Nugent at the GOP convention below it. So how did I know all that? Because I was there and the story I am telling you is true.
    I was there, representing the American Indian Movement . Here is my recollection of my interaction with Ted:
    Ted walked up to me and said “hey there fellow what are you doing at the GOP convention, I would like to interview you.” I responded “I am protesting the policies of President Bush, his illegal wars against indigenous people in Latin America, I am protesting the Broken Treaties here at home, and the rampant poverty that exists on most reservations.
    Ted Responded, “so your an unemployed alcoholic”.
    I responded “no”.
    Ted: “well you’ve got the time to travel all the way to Texas to protest so you must not have a job and you must be lazy.
    I responded, “Hey Ted your a real bad ass when you are shooting at Bambi fenced in on a farm, why don’t you try me mother fucker?”
    Ted (giggling): “I can tell I pissed you off, lets roll the camera”
    Ted then told the cameraman to start taping.
    Ted asked me again why I was there. I responded ” I am here representing the American Indian Movement. I am here to protest the illegal wars of George Bush against indigenous people in Latin America, the broken treaties the US has never honored with our people, and the rampant poverty that is facing many American Indian families across the US. “
    Ted looked disappointed that I had not taken his bait to argue with him on camera. He then told the cameraman, “Let’s move on”.
    I followed him and asked him. “Ted would you like to step off of the property and go a couple of rounds with someone who fights back?” Nugent laughed nervously and ignored me. I started yelling “Hey Ted you fucking racist, do you want to fight?” Ted ignored me.
    I then saw myself on MTV. I was composed and polite and felt I represented myself well. Looking back I wish I had beat the dogshit out of Ted.
    So listening to my story, do you think Nugent is racist? I know he is, I saw it first hand.
    While writing this I am listening to Nugent tell Glen Beck, “I am not a racist, I love the American Indian”.
    Ted we just can’t feel the love.
    The American Indian Movement of Indiana and Kentucky will be holding a protest August 9th at the Indian Creek Amphitheater Reilly, Ohio. Protest will start at 3:00 pm Join us.

  34. Mr. Collins, you are entitled to your opinion just as anyone else. I have all of the necessary paperwork and ancestry traced back to prove any claims I make. Unlike some, I only know one thing and that’s the truth. My father was a mixed full blood, 1/4 Sioux and 3/4 Cherokee. I wonder what that would make me? Thanks for checking out the post though.

  35. Do you people even KNOW what NATIVE actually means? it means we are the first people on this land. so if we were to go back to we came from.. we already ARE. this is where we reside. and will always be! and white people can be known as natives.. if THEY go back to where they originally came from. is maybe England or something like that.

  36. Ted Nugent, ur an ass.. Where did u go to school ? Well in case u didn’t know ur the one who needs to go back from where ur family come from. Unless they were Native Americans and I dout they were, then u need to go. They have all the right to be here.” news flash “” dipshit they were here first. The next time u wanna be an ass, at least know what the hell ur talking about

  37. Lol the funny thing is Native Americans are successful too. I am 22 years old I own 2 cars. I have a job and I go to school…. On top of all that Im raising a baby. I shower twice a day. Lol I wouldnt say im unclean. Anyway he’s only talking that way because he’s not happy with himself. Lol.

  38. Unkind words from an uneducated hick. Needs to be schooled like Custer! Then we shall see who will be shipped back to where they came from. If he thinks Native American Indians are vermin, he is just unwanted washed up white trash that must have been used as toilet paper!

  39. noobtube on Sun, 14th Sep 2014 10:35 am said this;

    “Will the Earth solve the American problem?
    It is the Americans that are the biggest population burden on the planet.
    Every month Americans consume enough to to support 80 Africas or 50 South Americas. And Americans “produce” the least. When Americans eat (consume), they dump all over the Earth.
    There are more birds on this planet than people.
    There are more rats on this planet than people.
    Not only are ants more numerous, their combined weight dwarfs (1000x) everyone on Earth.
    The total population of chickens is 18 billion.
    The total biomass of fish is double that of people.
    However, the total population and biomass of whales, lions, and elephants is not large, by comparison.
    Why is the American trash not whining about too many ants, or birds, or rats, or chickens? Because Americans are not concerned with numbers, only with murdering innocent people.
    These degenerate, homicidal, low-grade, shiftless, useless, self-entitled, self-important, wastes of space actually have the gall to talk about how Africans (and other resilient peoples) are the problems… when the Americans CREATED the problems.
    Of course, Americans don’t want to solve the problem themselves by removing themselves from the Earth.
    It is just another excuse for Americans to invade, mass murder, commit war crimes and hurt babies, mothers, the injured, and the sick everywhere else in the world.
    Americans are genocidal monsters who want a planet full of slaves to feed them Big Macs, ride around on their fat asses to watch NASCAR races, while they slide their wide behinds into their HUMMERs, to go buy cheap Chinese crap at Wal-Mart, and think of more ways to f*ck up the Earth.”

  40. OK. First off it’s been established this is a parody site, but that being said, Ted Nugent has a history of, no pun intended, shooting off his mouth. I believe he even made threats against the President or at least statements that could seriously be interpreted as such at one point, I think during the 2012 campaign. I’m no Obama fan, he’s a whole other post waiting to happen, but how the Secret Service and the NSA and so many others didn’t put him on a permanent watch list, much less in jail, boggles my mind. Now this is good ol’ “Uncle Teddy”, the poster-child for the “my country right or wrong” American right wing–and he’d know something about stinky asses as he flat out ADMITTED he shit his pants and didn’t bathe for a month to avoid the draft. Whether you believe the Vietnam War or the draft was right or wrong, anybody who does that and then wraps themselves up in the American flag and talks about how patriotic they are and about going to war and bombing countries out of existence cannot possibly be taken seriously. So he’s for the second Amendment and gun ownership. Fine. So am I. Many people are. But he should not be the face of the gun-rights movement or any movement except perhaps a bowel movement. He is an ignorant tool whose 15 seconds of fame are long up and he’s trying, and failing, ever so desperately to stay relevant–whether he said any of this vile shit or not. He DOES need to go home–to any deluded planet that will have him, the POS child rapist.

  41. Wait… am I reading The Onion, or some other goof news site?

    Please tell me this isn’t a serious article.

    So, a supposed “proud American”, doesn’t know “Native Americans” (it’s kinda in the description!) were here first?

    A guy who loves to talk about how much of a “proud American” he is, isn’t even aware of such a major event in the country’s history?

    Wow. What an amazingly ignorant thing to say, on a number of levels.

    He’s like a male Ann Coulter, saying stupid and needlessly inflammatory things when ever there’s a microphone in front of him.

  42. “stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors” If anyone knows about stinkyass unclean dipshits it’s Ted. He admitted in an interview that he was a draft dodger and in his own words “Then a week before, I stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. poop, piss the whole shot. My pants got crusted up… Now my whole body is crusted in poop and piss.
    So I went in, and those guys in uniform couldn’t believe the smell. They were ridiculin’ me and pushin’ me around and I was cryin’, but all the time I was laughin’ to myself. When they stuck the needle in my arm for the blood test I passed out, and when I came to they were kicking me into the wall. Then they made everybody take off their pants, and I did, and this sergeant says, “Oh my God, put those back on! You f*cking swine you!” Then they had a urine test and I couldn’t piss, But my poop was just like ooze, man, so I poop in the cup and put it on the counter. I had poop on my hand and my arm. The guy almost puked. I was so proud. I knew I had these chumps beat. The last thing I remember was wakin’ up in the ear test booth and they were sweepin’ up. So I went home and cleaned up.

  43. sadly there are a lot of ignorant people in our country the worst part is Native American people welcomed these people with open arms only to be raped killed converted to Christianity mass genocides of entire tribes lost for eternity and we still let just kind of roll our eyes and tell ourselves there is still hope for humanity

  44. I can’t believe you morons read everything you read on the internet. This website is satire, look at the other stories posted… “Nation stunned by police shooting of unarmed white man” haha. You liberal sheep will believe just about anything you’re told, especially if it’s a bunch of garbage made up to insult someone with different political views.

  45. I don’t know what’s more sad and pathetic. The things that comes out of this idiots mouth. Or that there are people out there who think this guy is a patriotic and wise man. This man is an idiot and pedophile (watch his VH1 behind the music, he brags about it). Then the right wing treats him like a hero. He should go find a mirror and start making this country better by killing the first idiot he sees.

  46. Is this even fact? Normally they would have taken screenshots instead of just quoting. Is there any proof or even a statement from a witness corroborating the story about the felony firearm incident? The victim didn’t file charges? Or maybe… just maybe…. this may be another slander piece, just made up to sway opinions to match the authors?

  47. Ted needs his bow to be taken away and used on himself. Then feed him to a Mountain Lion with cat scratch fever. All the fans you loose with your bullied ways. The Natives were known for being the cleanest people on earth.They even removed the dead skin as often as they could with flint knives,as I was told by a Southern Ute Elder. Native Pride and Image will overcome you. Plus you may already have a medicine man cookin up somethin for you.Not food either.::::>>><<

  48. Teddy, when are you going to recognize that you’re about as relevant as a petrified turd and about as interesting as a piece of chalk. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep if the next story I read about you had something to do with a bear ripping you a new ass. You’re a flipping idiot. Do the rest of us a favor and move to Iraq.

  49. I would not mind one bit going back to where we came from! Since after the Revolutionary war, we have been displaced as a People. Its folks like Ted that are the ignorant ones. Personally, you reap what you sow, he will get his in the end. Nugent is the stupid one, beer drinking, drug taking, gun toting redneck that can’t put one word in front of another without a swear word in it. He is why some of us hate whites. Who was here first, and why haven’t you Ted Nugent paid us rent on the land you stole?

  50. I guess you people are too dumb to realize that this is a joke article. Nugent did not “tell native americans to go back where they came from” or shove a gun in anyones face. Also , white people like Tom Wiley who claim to be part Native American are usually lying to try to make themselves seem interesting.

  51. Most of us Native America’s have white names now so how will you distinguish now. But now you have made new enemies that supported you, Ted. I don’t own a weapon but you can be a recipient like Dick Cheyney ‘ s friend in that accidental shouting. Not every one who looks white has some mixed blood. So be careful now because we are all over the US

  52. This article is all bullshit, you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing these fabrications. I’ve heard countless interviews with Ted regarding the subject of native Americans and nowhere, no place did those words come out of his mouth. He was actually speaking of libratards like yourself.

  53. Ok this actually made me laugh… Ted Nugent has to be one of the DUMBEST AMERICANS in this life time… I mean really? What cracker jack hill billy madness is that… Native Americans need to go back… How about this when WHITE PEOPLE go back to the Caves of Europe then every other race will follow… Well except black people. We were cargo sooo in that case every white person buy a black family a ticket back to the country within africa in which we came from… I can see why his wife is divorcing him- I’d divorce a dumbass in a heartbeat…

  54. You piece of shit. I usually am in agreement, but being Native American, get the hell off everyones property, you ignorant mass of bullshit. You are a moron and probably, unfortunately have Native American blood running through those screwed up veins of yours. My suggestion is that you take Hwy. 666 and keep going until you meet the gates of hell.

  55. There was a time when I really liked Ted. The more this man opens his mouth the more I dislike him! Stupid people drive me nuts. Ignorance can be helped.. stupidity cant. I’m sick of his mouth. He and obama need to be put in crates and shipped back to where they came from cause they are one of a kind.. stupid idiot!

  56. I will admit that Nugent is an assclown, but I’m pretty sure this article is a joke. Its over the top, and put out to cause outrage, false slander 101… however Nugent still should have found himself at the business end of one of his many hunting rifles years ago. Just shoot yourself Nugent. Nobody like you anyway. But guys, this is a fake article…

  57. Deniel McColgan. I could care less about this, if I was even was a fan of his music, I wouldn’t put up with shit like that to any race. I children that are full blood Native and I teach my children that it’s not right to say hateful and degrading things to someone they don’t or understand!!! So to those that do can keep their verbally racist remark to them selves. I don’t care if their all colours of the rainbow, I was raised to respect everyone no matter the skin colour! And I still say let’s go pitch up some tipi’s in everyone’s back yard!

  58. Ted Nugent it saddens me to see what you have said, I have you know that you are the Native, we are aboriginal people, so who by right should go back to where they belong is you! Lol we should just all ignore this racist coment as we are better than that. Karma is a Bitch!! What goes round comes round to slap you in the face, believe me. Ted Nugent I shall pray for you!!!

  59. This is a fake story. He is a huge supporter of Native Americans. He was referring to people paid to protest him. It had zero to do with Native Americans. The parts that make that connection are 100% made up. Do some fact checking the truth is easy to find on this one. Don’t believe everything you read online.

  60. It is not important who was here first, the damage is done and the guilty plague known as civilized man is out of control. Ted is just an angry wind-bag clown, he is not in a position to do much harm. The real evil is hate, greed, and ignorance, and more over the one who harbor it. We can all talk ourselves blue in the face but we are still on a downward spiral because of it. If we want positive change we will have to work together an find the strength to do what it takes to rise above the evil feelings, acts and people.

  61. It is ignorant disrespectful people like Mr. (Actually…he doesn’t even deserve the respect to be call Mr.) Ted Nugent that need to be rounded up with the rest of people like HIS SORRY ASS that have No Respect for Human Life or the Need or Willingness to help make this Country what is has been trying to achieve for the last few years for “ALL AMERICANS” and get the fuck out of Our (All Americans) Land Of The Free. There are many different Nationalities right now today fighting for “OUR LAND”! Nationalities who have their own history of pain and suffering! I am a Native American who has Ancestors who have a history of Blood ,Tears, Death, Suffering and Pain and are trying to Recover from Selfish Ignorant Men just like Ted Nugent who have No Need To Even Call Them Selves Americans! They can All get in their ships, live in their Own Hate and do as they please in a Fucked Up World as Fucked Up As Their MIND,BODY AND SOUL until the day they die and return to Hell with all EVIL!! I strongly believe WE as a Country have no need for such hate! We are living in a New Era and Are trying to move forward for the better of All Our Children and The Human Race to Live In this Land we call “Land Of The Free”. NOT THE LAND OF THE IGNORANT!!

  62. I wish someone would put my stinky ass in arms reach of his Inbred Dirty ass I would be more than happy to meet this guy to my size 11 boot straight up his stinky ass!! It’s people like this that have to be neutralize and humiliated in front of the world b4 they realize how ignorant they are. But some people are blinded by there big egos. I fight professionally and would love to have this man try his ignorance towards me. Just so I could put him to sleep for a few hours. Maybe when he awakes his head ache might make him think twice about running his lips about the most beautiful people in the world. My Native Brothers and Sisters. Haa Ura Taa Ahpu for your blessing I ask that u take this white man’s ignorance and turn it to positive gestures of knowledge, guide this man from His hate and help him learn the real truth of his ignorance. Ura Creator.

  63. I can’t believe he’s this fuckin stupid. Oh wait… I can. I’ve listened to his music. Tried to anyways. He’s utterly irrelevant and obviously ignorant. I respect how native americans lived and the way they look at things. They actually respected the earth.

  64. This guy is clearly what we call a wankstain. America was founded on immigration. Your forefather were european. Native americans are original owners and the europeans had them raped and murdered and enslaved. Either accept the immigrants or come back to where you and your forefathers came from nugent….. we are waiting for little pricks like you

  65. Lmfao His Ancestors were shipped here because their own Country didn’t want Vermin,Robbing,Murdering, Serial Killer Asses over here?!! Get His ass back on the bowels of that ship he originated from n kiss our Native Asses Good bye!! That has been just angry because not Everybody likes listening headbangers!!

  66. Shipped back where ? we are native this is our land . We share to get along .Only GOD can judge us this is not our opinion it is the truth. We all have faults but there was only one perfect man to walk this earth and he died for us… be grateful for what u have and love all that you can.hate will only bring destruction.

  67. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Why is this only reported on some obscure blog? Why wasn’t he arrested for pointing a gun at a reporter? People are so gullible it is amazing. You will believe whatever fits your preconceived notions and discount whatever you believe to be false.

  68. Native Americans are where they came from….
    HERE, on this American continent and have been here for thousands of years.
    It’s the Inquisition from Europe who “invaded”
    this continent, brutally persecuted our indigenous peoples,
    and exploited the tribes’
    sacred grounds for their own profit and greed!!

    Ten Nugent, you used to be hip with the
    psychedelic 60’s band The Amboy Dukes…
    But now, you’re worse than a bad acid trip
    and a square redneck puke!!
    You went from taking a “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” in 1968,
    to being totally out of your mind in 2014!!
    Go flush yourself down the toilet, Nugent,
    you square-brained piece of $#i+!!!

  69. you know I am a native american and not all native americans are of high quality but neither are any other americans all high quality, theres a littlte bit of asshole in all of us but ted your assholeness is right about at the top of assholeness! There was a time when no one lived on this continent but the native americans or indian tribes made the trip over land through alaska and up from mexicio first so there is a beef here because native americans did not beleive in land ownership or staying to long in one paticular place so the land could heal itself from the damage of human occupation, its the euro that brought the idea over of land ownership and just like in hawaii the natives always get the shaft

  70. Hahaha. This is first hand example of how the media controls you fools. You believe everything you are told.. Baaahhhhh.. Like the sheep you have become following the herd. Ted nugent is a good American. And I don’t believe a word of this bullshit. And for those of you that believe anything the media puts out, you my friends are the problem. And to those of you that question this, stand proud. We are a dieing breed.

  71. We ARE where we r. Growing up I have always enjoyed his music but I have lost all respect for dis so call man. If anything HE needs to b shipped back to where he came from n a crate. Just because hes up there he forget who helped him get there. Alot of these famous ppl forget who made dem famous. nugent U GO BACK TO WHERE U ORIGINALLY CAME FROM!!!!

  72. wow ted im really surprised at you, you are usually a really cool guy i have tried to follow you through the years and always liked you. I cant believe this is your reaction you usually do better and turn it into something cool . very disappointed in both sides grow up people

  73. He definitely needs a History lesson & maybe the Cat Scratch Fever song came from him getting a hold of some bad, nasty P***y when he thought he was a great performer and to be honest, we natives help put him on the charts, so Ted Nugent pull your head out of your ass and ask creator to forgive you and if you are “suppose” to be a preacher which you’ve failed in that also I wish I were there when you stand before Creator when judgment day comes….you are a disgrace to our people and to your own, now days everyone wants to be unclean vermin….Natives, so give back what you & your ancestors stole from the Creator cause he gave this place you call America to us natives to take care of which we call HOME “MOTHER EARTH” be blessed I’ll pray for you. Ms . Darlene Sam-Gomez Chieftain 5th generation of Great Sun Chief of the Natchez Tribe.

  74. as a 100% Caucasian I would love for Native Americans to go back to Siberia where they came from.it is a fact that Caucasians with the X haplotype from France inhabited the American continent 6000 years prior to the Qhaplotype Siberian people.the Q haplotype committed genocide on the Caucasoid natives That inhabited America at the time of their arrival.funny thing about DNA evidence. It has proven that originally inhabiteD America.for you posers out there that believe you were one half of something I challenge you 2 take the DNA test from 23 and me.com.I can promise you you are not 50 percent of anything.we are all 100% human that descended from Africa 65 thousand years ago.

  75. What a dumbass redneck idiotic comment! I am Indian and MY people were here long before the European ass hole showed up and STOLE OUR land. Nugent needs to get his facts straight before he opens up his mouth! Indians live within the boundaries of nature, white man rapes the land, his own people, and any other race they can. Mr. NUGENT why don’t you go back where your ancestors came from?!

  76. Well Tom, looks like you’re just a mutt, so I believe you actually can not claim either side…knock it off with your 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 native bullshit!
    100% native, go ahead and talk otherwise, looks like your parents didn’t have act problem fucking the other races!

  77. I’m finding this hard to believe as the truth. The only group I’ve ever heard Nugent attack were idiots regardless of their ethnicity. The American Indian would do well to remember the past and stop trusting everything they are told or that the see in print. Words of anger roll off the tongue easy but they are not so easy to take back . Verify the facts first. go-hi-yu-hi

  78. Ted Nugent, I used to like and respect you, but your comments about native Americans is not only offensive, but so categorically insane and inaccurate. Who was here first? BTW… I am not a Native American or member of any other “stinky ass” protesters. I am as white as can be. Please keep your bigoted comments and opinions to yourself!

  79. Uncle Teddy. I have admired you from afar and you quirky way of talking and doing things. I have even watched your TV show beside my husband. I thought you really stood for something. Man was I ever wrong. Your comments about Native Americans has hit me and left a really sore spot. If anyone needs to pack up and go back where they came from it is you and all the other people who think all NA are worthless. You seem to forget that the white man came and took everything away from them like the terrorists we are. We have beaten them down to nothing and you want them to move. If anything they need to stand up and be united and go back to their way of life and beliefs. They (Native Americans) have had more love and respect for our planet than anyone else. You dear sir have disapointed me. I know what I will not listen to again.

  80. The american government still puts out millions of dollars a year. To the indian tribes of united states. They want to b soverign nations but want federal money to keep coming in. They get casinos. Pay little to no taxes. If they want to be soverign. Then they should have passports to leave rez. And should have import export tax. On everything. Make each rez its own little country. And treat them like they are one. We shouldnt still have to pay on that land deal. Foreever

  81. I can not believe someone wants to stay this stuff about native Americans. My great-great grandparents were driven off THEIR land. My great grandmother was born on the trail of tears, didn’t get a birth certificate until she was 2 b/c of what people like Mr. Nugents ancestors! This is a outrage he needs to go back to where he came from & I will gladly give you a damn boat to go home in!!!!!

  82. If you braindead idiots would see at the top > ‘SHOW FACTS’ ‘HIDE FACTS’ (click ‘show facts’ ) you’d realize > this article is partly false made up satire and partly true facts ………… For whatever reason some dumb ass idiot who wrote it added his own made up crap to the article …. Wake up and get informed all you puppets !!!!!

  83. HEY IDIOTS > This is a partial SATIRE site : In other words the dumbness that write this crap add their own misleading FAKE crap to these articles obviously to enhance their warped ideology ………………… Read their ‘ABOUT US” at the bottom all you idiots !!!!!!! JUST ENOUGH NEWS…Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire.

  84. Double Live Gonzo version)

    Well, listen everybody,

    To what I got to say.

    There’s hope for tomorrow,

    Ooh, we’re workin’on today.

    Well, it happened long time ago,

    In the new magic land.

    The Indian and the buffalo,

    They existed hand in hand….

    The Indian needed food,

    He needed skins for a roof.

    But he only took what they needed, baby.

    Millions of buffalo were the proof.

    Yeah, its all right.

    But then came the white man,

    With his thick and empty head.

    He couldn’t see past the billfold,

    He wanted all the buffalo dead.

    It was sad… It was sad.

    Oh yeah… Yes indeed.

    Oh yes,

    It happened a long time ago, baby.

    In the new magic land.

    See, the Indian and the buffalo,

    They existed hand in hand.

    The Indians, they needed some food,

    And some skins for a roof.

    They only took what they needed, baby.

    Millions of buffalo were the proof, yeah.

    But then came the white dogs,

    With their thick and empty heads.

    They couldn’t see past the billfold.

    They wanted all the buffalo dead.

    Everything was so sad.

    When I looked above the canyon wall,

    Some strong eyes did I see.

    I think it’s somebody comin’ around

    To save my ass, baby.

    I think… I think he’s comin’ around

    To save you and me.


    I said, above the canyon wall…

    Strong eyes did glow.

    It was the leader of the land, baby.

    Oh my god,

    The great white buffalo…..

    Look out!!!! Look out!!!!!!!

    Well, he got the battered herd.

    He led em cross the land.

    With the Great White Buffalo,

    They gonna make a final stand.

    The Great White Buffalo,

    Comin’around to make a final stand.

    Well, look out here he comes.

    The great white buffalo, baby.

    The Great White Buffalo….

    Look out, here he comes.

    He’s doin’all right.

    Makin’everything all right.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….

  85. This so call “man” stated aboriginal people should go back to where they come from….. WE ARE he isn’t he should go back to where he belongs over seas and stay there …. I am first nations from new Brunswick Canada I may be half native but I am native with PRIDE HONOR RESPECT this fool deserves much more and we as aboriginal people protest against this foolish man he needs to get off the dope or the drinking

  86. Ted, you’re an ignorant, scumbag racist. I never did like you either cause your guitar skills (if they can be called that) suck. My friends 13 year-old rocks it better than you. In high school, I’d hear one of your songs and turn the dial on my radio. Sloppy, lazy, power chord moron.

  87. Let me guess…………..
    Ted Nugent got a lot of “F’s” in History class!! He slept through the class or maybe he skipped that class!
    The FIRST People to be on this land WERE the Native Americans/Indigenous people!!
    North America was already named Turtle Island, there were Cities, Trade system, a Constitution, Laws and so much more WAY before the Europeans and the Spaniards came! Also, there wasn’t any Border Wars!! They could come and go anywhere in this great continent, from, what is now known as Canada, all the way down into Mexico without having to worry about getting arrested or Deported!!
    I happen to be Very Proud to be descended from the Tuscarora people!! The 6th tribe and the Little Brother of the Iroquois Nation!

  88. So I’m a native american & my first question to my boyfriend about this was “who’s Ted Nugent? ” nothing more hilarious then a hateful hick. “Stinkyass?” I’m sorry to say most natives don’t smell like onions and b.o. in fact they don’t have a smell the full bloods don’t grow hair like white people do in different areas of the body. So you sir are the stinky ass here, learn your history before you make yourself look like a douche and idiot we were here first & by the looks of it we’ll always remain here. ✊

  89. To asshole Ted Nugent I hope you read this. I am a member of the NRA and I demand that you be removed from the NRA permanently. Your actions are uncalled for. You don’t deserve to be a part of the NRA or a representative of the United States of any organization. You are the one who should be crated up and shipped out.