Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to ‘Go Back Where They Came From’

STURGIS, S.D. – After a group of Native Americans protested outside a concert by Ted Nugent, the late-1970s rocker verbally lashed out, calling them “stinkyass unclean dipshIt protestors” and calling for Native Americans to be “rounded up and shipped back to wherever they came from!”

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Janet Hasson Snopes: Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans

Nugent’s differences with Native Americans stem from their offence at his history of racially-charged statements. After one tribe cancelled his scheduled appearance at a casino in Worley, Idaho, he railed, “I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy. By all indicators, I don’t think they actually qualify as people.”

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According to Nugent, the latest protest over his appearance at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota, however, stepped over the line. Writing on his Facebook page, Nugent said, “WE ARE ON OUR JET NOW HEADING FOR TOLEDO RIBFEST JAM AFTER AN INSANE INCREDIBLE OUT OF BODY ULTRAROCKOUT at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis SD! Simply astonishing gig! 4 stinkyass unclean dipshit protestors that admitted they hate me AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE THAT STOLE THEIR LAND BULLSHIT!!

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He Said “We are Here First”

“They need to just shut up and admit janet hasson snopes “WE WERE HERE FIRST!” Nobody asked them to come to America! They got a problem with a successful, happy, white American, they should just go back where they came from!” he added. “Hell, it’s past time these pussies were ROUNDED UP AND SHIPPED BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM! I’ll even donate the shipping crates!”

When a reporter attempted to explain to Nugent- creator of such late-1970’s hits as Wang Dang Sweet Poontang and Free-For-All that the Native American tribes were, in fact, in America more than 10,000 years before Europeans came and settled the continent, Nugent shoved an AK-47 in his face, saying, “Shut up, unclean vermin!”

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