Shemane Deziel Net Worth; Ted Nugent’s Wife Files for Divorce

DALLAS – Shemane Deziel is Ted Nugent’s wife and filed for divorce from the  musician and gun enthusiast, spelling an end to the couple’s 24-year marriage. According to a source close to the Nugent family, Shemane Deziel, 51, decided that “she had no choice” but to separate from Nugent after “the whole world discovered that she was married to him.”

Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Deziel file for Divorce

Shemane—who was relatively unknown until recently—was outed as Nugent’s wife on Friday, when she attempted to pass through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport security with a firearm in her carry-on luggage. The handgun—which Shemane claimed to have been carrying because she had received death threats—was discovered, and she was taken into custody. “I had totally forgotten it was in there,” Nugent claimed after being released on bail. “I mean, Jesus, I live with Ted Nugent wives, a man who carries half an armory in his ass crack. We’ve got guns all over the goddamn place.”

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Shemane Deziel has Simple Mistake at Starr Nugent

Mrs. Nugent maintains that she should not have been detained for a “simple mistake,” but did issue a public apology in which she expressed remorse for having spent over two decades married to “a man who once publicly threatened to murder Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, and who has referred to black people as ‘mongrels’.”

“It was one thing being married to him when nobody knew who I was,” Shemane Deziel said. “His music earned us a lot of money—we had an amazing house, despite the lingering smell of deer carcass, and we were constantly traveling the world, drinking the finest moonshine, eating the most savory varmint. But, for reasons that should be obvious, I cannot be publicly known as Starr Nugent, and I have therefore filed for divorce.”

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One of the NRA’s most prominent members and an attendee at 2013’s State of the Union address—could not be reached directly for comment, but said through a spokesman that he “didn’t care, because hunting is better than sex anyway,” and added that Ted Nugent wives Shemane Deziel could “suck on his machine gun.”

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