Florida Representative Ted Yoho Says African-Americans Should Only be Given ⅗ of a Vote

OCALA, Fla. – A 2012 video of Republican Congressman Ted Yoho of Florida surfaced recently in which he suggests that voting privileges should be given only to property owners, and that African-American votes should only count as ⅗, or 60%, of a vote.

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“I can’t remember which founding father said it, but he said, the ability to vote, but vote uninformed, is as tragic or as dangerous as having a loaded gun and not know how to use it,” said Yoho, responding to an audience member who claimed that absentee voting was destroying elections. “Obviously anyone who doesn’t own their own property is going to be pretty clueless when it comes to voting.”

Ted Yoho Said About African-Americans Vote

As evidence, he pointed to the nation’s urban centers, which generally tend to vote more democratic than suburban or rural areas. “Most people in the cities, they rent,” he said. “They don’t own property. What do they care if they vote a socialist or communist or democrat into office?

They don’t even own the building they live in! And you know what else they have in the cities? A lot of black people. Black people who don’t have the good sense to own their own property. And their vote counts the same as yours!

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He Also Said: “I’ve had Some Radical Ideas About Voting”

After a supporter in the audience then lamented the advent of early voting, saying it was “an avenue for illegal voting,” Yoho agreed, saying “.

You used to have to be a property owner to vote. The founding fathers didn’t have early voting, why should we? We need to go back to what the founding fathers intended. No early voting. No absentee voting. No renters voting. And a black man’s vote counts as ⅗ of a white man’s.”

“It’s what God intended,” added Yoho. Get more political news from our politics section.

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